As the new year dawns, so do the latest food trends that will no doubt be taking the world by storm. Everyone from health nuts to foodies will want to know what to expect from the culinary world in 2018.  In an effort to save you some time and help you stay trendy, we’ve compiled a rundown of the food trends you’ll want to keep your eye on.

pexels-photo-274131.jpegSparkling Water:

LaCroix is no longer just the drink of choice for suburban mothers and the ideal mixer for a “healthy” cocktail. More and more competitors seem to be entering the seltzer/sparkling water, seeking to cash in on the burgeoning trend, ultimately offering a healthier alternative to soda that has a lower amount of sugar.


Different from your run of the mill Shitake or Portobello mushrooms, functional mushrooms are in style for 2018. Functional mushrooms, such as reishi and Cordyceps among others, are generally used as dietary supplements that promote heart health and boost your immune system. Chefs are now blending these functional fungi into coffee, tea and smoothies. So, keep an eye out for these super shrooms.


In their trend predictions for 2018, Whole Foods is saying it is going to be a big year for botanical and floral flavors. Whether it’s a flavor in your morning tea or in a liqueur you have as a nightcap. The specific flavors they are banking on in particular are lavender, rose and elderflower. Perhaps you will consider these aromatics next time you’re making a drink.

Plant-based substitutes:

As vegan diets continue to gain popularity in the culture, plant-based protein options continue to grow wider. You can now get seemingly contradictory meatless burgers that actually bleed and taste surprisingly close to your favorite side of beef. The same is also true dairy substitutes made from nuts, bananas and peas. So, perhaps when you’re planning your next dinner party, you can improvise with these plant-based solutions when your guests have dietary restrictions.

Superfood powders:pexels-photo-461428.jpeg

You should already be well acquainted with the nutritional benefits of superfoods, but did you know there is an easier way you could be getting them? Powders like matcha, turmeric and maca root are gaining popularity as easy supplements to mix into your daily latte, smoothie or tea. It’s just another way you can help your body with minimal effort.

Hopefully these food trends will give you a solid a base for where to start when exploring health conscious meals in 2018. If anything, it offers a palette of flavors for you to experiment with in the dishes and drinks you make every day, upping your smoothie game without even trying.