Did you ever wish you had more? More time? More staff? More members?  If so, you are not alone. In fact, a study shows that small business owners spend 20 hours a week on marketing their businesses. That is a lot of time not doing other things to help your business.

The good news is that by utilizing marketing automation software to streamline your marketing and sales processes you can do more with less.

Marketing automation helps your health club get found by and engage with your best audience, without keeping you from growing your business and handling the day-to-day of most studio owners who are wearing more than one hat.

Here are a few of the top ways that marketing automation can help you do more with less at your health club:

Lead Generation

Going out and finding new members takes a great deal of time. Sure, you can (and at times should) speak at events, attend health fairs, meet with local businesses, set up retail lead boxes and more. However, having your target audience come to you helps you save time and money. By providing content in the form of blogs and videos along with coordinated social media can not only bring in more prospects more quickly, but it will also typically bring in better prospects that are easier to convert into members.

Database Improvement

Marketing automation software is not your father’s database. Marketing automation programs provide a home for all your marketing data, so you can quickly see detailed prospect and client behaviors and interactions. Being able to track behaviors is taking your database beyond just a phone list, allowing you to segment your audience and make sure you are sending the right message to the right prospect based on what they are interested in and how they have already interacted with your health club.

Task Automation

When you replace repetitive, manual tasks with marketing automation, your time will be freed up to work on the big picture of managing your health club. For example, if a walk-in tours the club but doesn’t join (yes, it happens no matter how great your club and sales team are), they can be entered into an automated lead nurturing workflow that emails relevant content—not just promotions—geared specifically to someone that has taken that action. This allows you and your staff to stay engaged with that person without spending time tracking, creating and sending emails.

Analytical Analysis

Perhaps one of the biggest time and money drains on a small health club, or boutique studio is doing the wrong thing over and over again. Marketing automation allows you to see what is working, and what isn’t when it comes to your marketing efforts. By measuring how your campaigns are working (clicks you received on an offer, opens and clicks of a particular email, the average time it takes to move prospects through the buyer’s journey and become members, etc.) you will gain insight that can be used to tweak your messaging and save time and money in closing members.

Bang for your Buck

While many health clubs and studios still do traditional advertising in the form of mailers, print, radio, and more they may not be getting the most benefit for the amount of money spent. The costs associated with those tactics compared to inbound and content strategies delivered by marketing automation software may be cutting deeply into your budget and your ROI. In fact, 57 percent of respondents in the State of Inbound study done by market leader, HubSpot, said that they saw greater ROI from inbound marketing in 2015 than 2014 and cited paid advertising as the most overrated marketing tactic.

While you will always spend some time on marketing your studio, by letting automation take care of the little things, you’ll be able to spend that time on the more creative and big picture of growing your health club.

What marketing tasks can automate so you can do more with less?

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