The holiday season brings together everything you love in one spot: Family, friends and food. So much food that you may look down at your pants and wonder how on earth they are going to fit in January. In between the rich holiday dishes and desserts, you’ll want to find ways to be healthy, so here are some tips for a more health conscious season.

Be Mindful:


The holidays seem to move at a breakneck pace. While you may be scrambling to find the perfect gifts and get the house ready for guests, it may do you some good to slow down when it comes to holiday dinners. Using smaller plates and utensils can make your brain think you are eating more than you actually are. Taking time to consider what you’re eating, savoring the flavor of your yams and ham will make your meal more enjoyable.


Use Moderation:

Moderation is also key to evading holiday weight gain. Pace yourself with small quantities of favorites, so you can savor the flavor in every bite. Enjoy the nuance of the flavors and the way they mingle with one another one your plate, instead of tearing through it like a hungry fox. A little bit of moderation can do wonders for your holiday well-being.


Hold Your Liquor:

While some turn to alcohol when the holidays roll around, you may want to rethink that extra eggnog with brandy. Alcohol is full of empty calories that can take you far over your daily allotment if you aren’t careful. If you’re planning on having a couple after dinner drinks, plan your meals accordingly so you don’t overindulge.


Keep Yourself Accountable:

Physically keeping track of the food you consume through either a calorie tracking app or an analog food journal, can also help you better track what you’re consuming at these holiday gatherings. There are many fitness technology options, from wearables to apps, that can give you a better sense of what you should and shouldn't be eating. To find the best fit for your fitness goals, check out our post about the latest fitness app trends. They may help you consider the caloric opportunity cost attached to a second helping of gravy-soaked dressing and potatoes. When you need a break from your family, stay mobile with an after dinner walk around the neighborhood to burn off some of those extra calories. Every little bit helps when trying to shed holiday weight.

Navigating the minefield of the holidays takes perseverance and willpower, especially as extended family come from far and wide with delicious dishes you’ll want to try. If you happen to slip up though, don’t worry! It’s not the end of the world and can just serve as solid motivation for getting started on that New Year’s resolution a little bit early.