In fitness you live by the rule of “one more.” One more rep. One more mile. One more step. One more pound. It’s all about pushing yourself to the limit. Going for the max. But when it comes to your business, are you truly maxing out your operations? Well, if you aren’t using—or taking full advantage of —club management software, you may be falling short of your best.

Here are some of the ways of maxing out your health club or studio by harnessing the power of gym management software.

Maximizing Your Memberships

You know that you need to have a constant influx of new members and clients if your club is going to survive. That’s why you and your sales team work every day for one more lead. However, too often those hard-earned leads are forgotten, ignored and eventually sign with the club down the street. But if you are taking advantage of the power of your club management software it is easy for sales managers and owners to put a sales process in place and ensure that it is followed. It can be task management to keep sales staff on top of their leads. Perhaps it is tracking appointment set-show-close rates to ensure that those leads are not only coming in, but being closed. Perhaps, most powerful is engaging with prospects through automatic email and lead nurturing campaigns—as well as extending that to current members—that help keep your health club front-and-center so your leads eventually move through their buyer’s journey and become (and if done well, stay) members.

Maximize Staff Management

You may think it’s your building. Maybe you are sure your equipment is the thing. But, in the end, it is your staff that is the heart and soul of your health club. Be it front desk, personal trainers, group exercise instructors or housekeeping. Your staff is what keeps your members happy, successful and coming back for more—in essence, they help keep your doors open. Scheduling it isn’t always easy to keep a schedule. It can even be harder to hold them accountable. But by utilizing a club management system that incorporates staff management you can help them do their jobs more efficiently maxing out their productivity and member satisfaction.

Maxing Your Results

Just like setting fitness goals and tracking the amount of exercise done and food eaten, trying to get your club to see it’s max results without knowing what’s going into and out of your business makes that task close to impossible. Gym management systems that have customizable and allows you to track sales, scheduling, membership and retention numbers and more is a great way to make sure all of your hard work is leading to max results.

Maxing Your Members

By putting some of the control into the hands of your members, you can actually gain back some of your time while forging deeper relationships with them. Use the power of your software to allow members to update their information, book classes and do other tasks themselves.

There are plenty of ways to manually keep your club on track. But, with the extra time and higher chance of important information falling through the cracks, you’ll have to work twice as hard (or more) to even come close to getting your business to be its best. With a gym management system, you can work smarter, not harder and max out your club.

What ways do you think a club management system can help max out your health club or studio?  Let us know in the comments below.

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