As the new year begins, many take this as an opportunity to revamp their unhealthy habits.  However, keeping those resolutions can be difficult, especially as the year trudges on. But you shouldn’t let that discourage you! There are plenty of strategies to help you stay the course and achieve your fitness resolutions, some which we have gathered and listed below.

Start Small

Saying that you want to lose a certain amount of weight after the holiday season may sound like a noble goal on paper, but doing so may prove more difficult than anticipated. Instead, it may be easier to break it down into smaller, more achievable goals to help reach an overarching goal.  For instance, cutting back on fast-food lunches, going to the gym twice a week or keeping track of the amount of the calories you take in throughout a week. These small changes can help you begin the goal of living a healthier lifestyle.  You may be less likely to abandon your goals if you can integrate these small changes into your daily routine too. Every little bit helps you reach your resolutions and goals.

Find an accountability partner

pexels-photo-414029.jpgAnother way to stay on track with healthy habits is to find an accountability partner. Someone who can embark on changing these habits with you and hold you accountable if you slip up too.   This can be a friend, co-worker or spouse. Anyone you think can help you along on your journey. Plus, having someone else to work out with can make going to the gym more fun and even ignite a bit of a competitive spirit. Sooner or later you’ll begin seeing the results in each other.


Make it fun

Too much self-seriousness when it comes to adapting healthier habits can be frustrating. Find fun ways to implement lifestyle changes, like pop culture themed workouts, curated playlists with your favorite jams to help you get through your run or ways to make your favorite dishes with healthier substitutions. You can even set rewards for yourself These changes in your habits shouldn’t make you miserable, but instead act as guides to make your current lifestyle healthier.

mobile-phone-iphone-music-38295.jpgDon’t get discouraged

Making changes to your deeply ingrained routines and habits is quite difficult, so don’t be too hard on yourself if your slip up. Use it as opportunity to learn from what happened and what you can adjust to better fit the goals you’re trying to achieve. The more time you put into crafting a healthier lifestyle, the better results you are going to see in your own life and the better you’re going to feel.