Growth is a natural and necessary part of every business’ life cycle, but often business owners struggle to find ways to optimize growth. One of the simplest ways is to utlize calculated metrics. This data can show the types of classes your customers are taking, the popularity of certain trainers, where customers are spending their money with your POS and which of your location may be driving larger volumes.  Data and metrics are cold, hard numbers that can show you were to improve and nurture your fitness business.  Best of all, ClubReady offers many metrics that can help you improve your business.  Here are a way to make those numbers work for you. 


pexels-photo-590020.jpgRecognize trends

How do you measure success in your business? Is it based on how often a trainer is booked or how many people attend a given class? Chances are you have a general sense of what does and doesn’t work at your gym or club, but customers' usage metrics can help you pinpoint them more precisely. It can let you reallocate trainers for more popular programs and find ways to better promote those aren’t performing as well. While they aren’t necessarily an accurate report card for your business en masse, it does offer solid snapshot of your programming.

Find your audience

Perhaps in looking at the demographic metrics of your business, you see that the makeup of your club skews higher with older or younger people. Those are both opportunities for you to adjust the way that you communicate with your customers and acquire new leads. Older customers will likely prefer different classes than younger people and they may need enhanced workouts or assistance from a trainer to hep reach their optimal performance. These demographic metrics can ultimately help you better define the identity of your gym.

Adjust accordingly

pexels-photo-685534.jpgMetrics are meaningless to your business if you don’t actually make changes. This may include adjusting and testing classes based on what customers may or may not want. While these ideas may not always be barn burning successes, the insights are an easy, readily available jumping off point for ways your fitness business can continue to grow.

While the way forward for many businesses may not always manifest itself, metrics can offer a clear direction that is already built right into your gym management software.  If looked at regularly, and clearly understood, your fitness business can grow naturally alongside your customers' needs and wants.