This Month in Fitness & Club Management News

ClubReady’s monthly fitness industry news round up that keeps you up to date with trends in health and fitness, gym and fitness center ownership, and customer engagement. Read on for news, tips, and best practices that can help you take your club to the next level.

Industry News and Trends:

Staying on top of the latest fitness and diet trends can help keep your fitness classes and wellness programs fresh. Here are a few trends we noticed this month:

How to Harness Pop Culture Trends for Fitness Marketing

When it comes to your fitness marketing, sometimes it’s better to “borrow” hot pop-culture trends rather than trying to build something buzzworthy yourself. Read More

Strengthening Your Retention in 2017

Retention is an important aspect of your club business. With this in mind, here is a top tip to help guide you as you manage retention at your health club. Read More

Helpful Ways to Grow Your Business

A collection of tips and insights that will help you grow your business.

9 Social Media Strategies to Improve Gym Retention

Here are nine ways you can use your social media to help boost gym retention (remember to always ask members to like, share, etc.) Read More

Gym Marketing Ideas to Get Ahead of the New Year's Rush

By getting an early start on attracting new members, you can not only spread out your earning months, but see a bigger boost to your bottom line. Here are six gym marketing ideas to give your sales team an early holiday present of new member sales. Read More

Top Fitness Marketing Personas...And How to Reach Them

Here are a few personas to think about so that you can send them the messages and build an environment that will make them be a perfect fit for your club. Read More

Articles to Share with Your Members

Staying active on social media helps you attract new customers and engage with the ones who already know you. Here are few articles your followers might be interested in:

The 3 Things Your Trainer Wishes They Could Tell You

They want you to succeed and be your best, but sometimes they wish they could tell you things that you may not always want to hear. Read More

5 Mistakes You're Probably Making in Your Journey to Be Healthier

Are you making these five weight-loss mistakes? Read More

Routine of the Month:

Jillian Michaels Reveals How She Tones Her Triceps With This Insane Workout Challenge

The insane challenge features variations of some of our favorite workout moves like jumping jacks and push-ups, but takes it to an entirely new level with plank jacks and cross-arm push-ups. Read More

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