In the afterglow of the holidays and the New Year, people make resolutions to get fit and lose weight. Sometimes the best laid plans can be hindered by snow, ice or weather that makes it too difficult to get to the gym.  This can often lead us to a loss, how is someone active without risking the chance of an accident or potential frostbite.  The great news is that there are plenty of ways to stay active without, even in the cold of winter.  

Embrace the cold:

Most people tend to use cold weather as a reason to stay inside and keep warm, however, you’d be surprised by how good it can be for your workouts.   With the proper gear, even if there is snow on the ground you can still get a good solid run in and like running in the sand, snow can help result in a larger burn of calories.  Plus, the cold can be a solid motivator to keep you on the move.  While thus may not be ideal for sub-zero days, it is a nice alternative for those who dislike running through the humid summer.

Layer up

The last thing you need while exercising in the winter months is accidental frostbite. So, if you’re planning on doing your workouts in the great outdoors you’ll want to dress accordingly. A base layer of wicking material is ideal to keep sweat from making you colder and then a few layers on top that can be easily removed if the temperature shifts over the course of your workout. Talking to your personal trainer might also offer a solid insight on brands and specific garments that best allow for these colder temperatures.

Try out new tech

Coming hot off the Christmas season, you’re probably decked out with some cool new gadget, wearable or app to help you get fit. Put it to the test here, learn the ins and outs of your smart watch’s pedometer or the goal setting features of a calorie counting app. Just by playing around with these features, testing them out for yourself, you stand a chance to get more active, despite the frigid temperatures.

Go virtual

While going to gym and meeting with your personal trainer, there are some days that are impacted by the weather.  However, there are optionis to help you stay fit.  These options include home workout DVD’s or, if the weather clears up enough, exploring the virtual fitness options at your neighborhood gym or health club. For those unfamiliar, virtual fitness classes are taped, guided workouts from an instructor that are available to customers in a dedicated space, where they can do anything from a yoga class to a spin class at a moment’s notice no matter the season

The winter months shouldn’t intimidate your from achieving your workout goals, but empower you instead. While it is a season closely associated with hearty soups and heavy beers, that shouldn’t be an excuse to not stay active. Take advantage of the winter months, either using the cold as motivation or as a reason to explore what programs and classes your neighborhood gym/health club offers. It’s just another way for you to stay fit year-round and keep up with your New Year’s resolution.