As the coldest season approaches, you’re probably busy crafting your workout plan for the winter months and perusing your neighborhood gym’s seasonal classes. But, you may not realize how you can supplement your regular workouts by burning calories with fun seasonal activities to stave off that winter weight.

Run on the snow: Running through the winter wonderland that is your neighborhood can actually give you a different kind of workout than your normal daily run. Runners World recommends that you count your mileage as double until your body has gotten used to moving on the snow and ice. While it should be done with  caution in treacherous conditions, running on the snow is bound to give you a great workout this winter.


Snowball fight: If going on a dedicated run through the local tundra isn’t really your speed, you have smaller scale options. Namely, why not sprint around your backyard pelting your children and their friends with snowballs. It’s a fun way to get you up and moving off the couch without having to commit to a long trek from your front door. It’s the best of both worlds.

Sledding: If you’re braving the elements to go sledding, you should know that it’s not all downhill. Unless you’re riding one of those ski resort conveyor belts, you are also getting a pretty solid workout. Every time your trek back up the hill, you’re burning off the calories from the hearty lunch you had before trekking out to the prime local sledding spots.

pexels-photo-298007.jpgSnowboarding/Skiing: If you’re from a region that has the right conditions, this is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you wake up on a morning with fresh powder on the ground. For those who haven’t been skiing or snowboarding before, your body gets a heck of a workout as you maneuver down the snow-covered hills, working out muscles you didn't even know existed. By the end of a long day of skiing and snowboarding you’ll be exhausted and elated.

Shovel Snow: So, the fun factor of shoveling snow may be debatable, but what can’t be disputed is its effectiveness as a workout. Bundled up in warm clothes and moving ungodly amounts of snow off your driveway is not only a great workout, but also really helpful if you have some reason to trek out into the frozen winter wasteland of your neighborhood. Though, if you’re chomping at the bit to test out your new snow blower, I wouldn’t fault you one bit.