Top Features

    You have enough to do without spending hours navigating through multiple systems. That’s why we’ve made ClubReady intuitive but powerful—so you can find what you need and accomplish every task quickly and easily.  

    Bring all of your sales and lead management into one place. This gives you complete visibility in terms of conversions, specific sales campaigns, and overall trends, and provides your sales team with valuable data.

    Everything you need for efficient, streamlined staff management is right here and ready to increase your productivity to new levels.

    Keep client data organized and secure with a system that gives meaningful insights into every member.

    Understanding, mapping out, and then tracking your key performance indicators are crucial parts of club management, but crunching that data can be challenging. ClubReady gives you the metrics you need to gauge profitability, determine staff execution and accountability, and track member and lead trends.

    You must be able to manage your club from anywhere, anytime. With ClubReady, you have all the functionality and data you need, on whatever mobile device you choose. This drives better management and client service in a seamless, real-time format. Your service providers also have the ClubReady mobile app at their fingertips to manage their clients and bookings.


    Cloud-Based Platform

    With our Cloud-based platform, you can access your club from anywhere, without needing to install special software.


    Logical Interface

    Simple navigation allows for staff to accomplish any job or task in just a few clicks, so you can quickly access all areas of business management and view dashboards.


    Single, Integrated Product

    Avoid using a bunch of disconnected software to fully manage your business. Save money and keep it all under one hood with ClubReady, the only software in the fitness industry that boasts a world-class membership management portal, a personal training and services management portal, an advanced CRM for lead management and customer nurturing, client portal tools, and email marketing—all in one easy-to-use solution.


    Easy Staff Training

    Our turnkey, tested templates help launch your specific club model right away for improved processes in lead management, personal training management, and more. We customize your team's staff dashboards to meet the needs of your exact business approach and type. Staffers can easily view and focus on only the items in line with their exact job descriptions.


    Lead Management

    Replace paper guest logs with a Cloud-based application that captures all relevant information and displays it in an easy-to-analyze fashion. Keep an eye on all key staff metrics to ensure team productivity.  


    Automated Lead Nurturing

    Even after they show interest in your club or request a guest pass, many of your leads are just not ready to make a purchasing decision. They need more time and more information. With automated lead nurturing, you can send the right content to the right leads at the right time, and create follow up tasks for your staff.

    Remember: Seven touches close a deal.


    Text & SMS Follow-Up

    Beyond calls and emails, leads and members can opt in for text alerts. You can notify leads of special promotions or send a message from a trainer after a particularly challenging session.


    Sales Staff Task Management

    As the number of sales staff in your club grows, following approved, proven sales processes becomes essential. With ClubReady, you can set up tasks and reminders for sales staff based on demographics, time, and actions.


    Customized Tablet Sales Presentations

    Take the guesswork out of creating sales presentations and allow sales staff to follow standard presentation formats with time-driven, executable replication from staff to staff and club to club. Then, use it internally at the club while interacting with a client, or publish online with lead capture tools and allow leads or members to fill out on their own. These tools are also used to create slick, unattended guest register kiosks with waivers, Q&As, lead capture info, and even agreement capture.


    Staff Permissions

    Easily control and customize what staff can and cannot access, with control at a corporate level (single and multiple location roles) for multi-club chains and franchises to enable simple club-level launches and new staff training. For larger businesses, create a turnkey club system so all new clubs have staff following an identical protocol.


    Customizable Staff Dashboards

    Show staffers exactly what they need to see when they log in with customizable staff dashboards. Choose from many available widgets to create customized dashboards based on staff roles. Execution becomes easy with ClubReady when the staff see all relevant club data and have access to the tools needed for their roles to be maximized.



    Session and class based payroll tools are tied seamlessly to scheduling and customer session redemption. Set up a variety of commission structures to motivate and track sales staff output. Manage staff time clock based payroll with our integrated staff check in tool.


    Employee Time Clock

    Allow employees to clock in via barcode, thumbprint, or PIN, based on specific rules. Set time clock reminders for employees, and report time and attendance to managers and owners.


    Employee Disciplinary Management

    Manage a single club or provide disciplinary management across hundreds, with multiple levels of review. This is perfect for large organizations seeking to manage staff disciplinary records for both individuals and staff groups within a corporate chain.


    Online Scheduling

    With online access, members can make bookings or cancellations and request rescheduling of appointments. They can view past purchases and session balances, check class schedules, and reserve a spot in an open class.


    Online Sign-Up

    Simple and secure online signup functionality can be used for memberships, personal training, class purchases, and more. Links are integrated into your website and allow members to choose from a variety of options.


    Mobile App

    Members can use your app to make and manage all bookings for classes and services, and make new purchases when it’s time to renew or buy additional services from your club.


    Member Kiosk

    At training or class check-in, members can use barcode, fingerprint, or PIN code functionality. The check-in system has a variety of innovative and unique components when tied to business automation, including text and email alerts for past due member check-ins. Plus, the ability to open doors 24/7 is also integrated into ClubReady management using Brivo Systems software.


    Club & Corporate Level Reporting

    ClubReady features reporting at any level, from single club to multi-club to company-wide for growing franchises and chains. Reports are easily designed and built via corporate and club-level dashboards, and many are automated “push reports” that are emailed daily, such as daily production emails, new deal alerts, and more.


    Scorecarding for Multi-Clubs & Franchises

    When you operate more than one club, you often want to see how they compare to each other. With the many metrics available in ClubReady, you can create customized scorecards to compare clubs based on more than 40 metrics to keep the competition fair and stimulating across a wide range of KPIs.