Put Members First: Leveraging HSA/FSA Benefits for Studio Membership

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Help qualifying members unlock their HSA + FSA pre-tax dollars to get reimbursed for their classes, memberships and personal training sessions, making fitness more accessible for price-conscious members.

We will answer the questions:

  • How do members use their HSA/FSA for membership?
  • What benefits does my studio receive when partnering with Dr. B?

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About the Presenters

Marcia Duprat

Director of Partnerships

Penelope TooGood

ClubReady Partner Manager

Meet Our Partner, Dr. B

Founded by Cyrus Massoumi, the founder of Zocdoc, Dr. B is a telehealth platform that can help your members save on classes, training, and memberships. With a Letter of Medical Necessity from Dr. B, qualifying patients can unlock pre-tax HSA/FSA funds to save money on gym memberships, fitness classes, personal training expenses and more.

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