3 Keys To A Strong Finish in 2021

ClubReady Fitness
October 19, 2021

We all know that this year has been nothing but normal, but before we end this crazy year of 2021, we wanted to note some consistent challenges that keep popping up in studio owners’ paths. The ClubReady team has been working hard at conferences and wanted to supply you with a few trends to watch out for while completing your 2021 year.

1. There is Strategy in Social Media

As social media continues to grow, it is important that you create interactive content for your followers. Your followers don’t want to see a stagnant social media channel, they want to see your gym members accomplishing their goals and getting pushed to do their best. Social media is your chance to move your brand from digital to physical. Show your followers how you support your members through videos, interviews, & photos. Determine what you want to achieve and outline a  plan to achieve it. Stay focused.

2. Be Ready for Anything

You never know what is coming your way, so be ready to do whatever it takes to keep moving forward. Keep yourself in the know to feel confident that you can handle anything. Use technology to automate what you can to free time to tackle the fires that happen everyday. Use data analytics like iKizmet to better know and predict activity so you aren’t surprised by your data.

3. Not What, but Why

People aren’t interested in what you do. They’re interested in why you do it. Take time every morning to remind yourself about your why. Ask yourself “Why am I here?” “What are my goals for myself to stay focused without being boring?” If you have your why, focus on how you can stick out from the rest. People are interested in trying new things, not the mundane. Think about how you can add value to your studio and your members.

Overall, take the time to create interactive content, be ready for anything, and understand your why. You’re not on your own with all of this. You can speak to the ClubReady team to start this leap. They will guide you with how the ClubReady products will help you finish 2021 strong.