4 Difference-Makers for Fitness Franchises 

Devin Meister
April 19, 2024
4 keys to scaling your fitness modality

What do you want to achieve with your fitness business? Knowing the answer and framing the plan with specificity is critical to achieving your goals. When businesses fail or are forced to take a step back, it’s often because they didn’t consider some inevitability. With the fire and passion of fitness entrepreneurs, that’s a common mistake. Everyone is ready to go yesterday! But consider this piece of advice: “The best time to explore is before you scale your investments, your commitments and the size of the team.”

If you’re just starting out or have handful of locations, you haven’t encountered hurdles yet that will block your future growth. Class booking, scheduling, mobile apps, etc. – those are the things new owners likely think about. But what about how you’ll manage royalties when you want to start franchising? What about setup and onboarding multiple locations to have the same processes and accurately mirror the experience? When you do hit that point, taking a step back and retooling could be especially painful.


Consider the following four elements if your plans include scaling your fitness business:

1. Franchise Management Attributes

Managing the activities of one fitness business is a job by itself. Adding locations without the right tools demands exponential effort, requiring more time until ultimately it doesn’t work. Starting with an overall Corporate Portal Structure and Corporate Level reporting enables entrepreneurs to add locations seamlessly as needed and as they grow naturally. This avoids pausing the business to change systems or processes when their focus should be on growth.

2. Financial Control and Royalty Engine Management

We all want to help members reach their goals. But we don’t want to starve to do it. When you’re running a local show, you see the activity, the numbers, and you have a feel. When you bring franchisees into the mix, you’re giving up that vision and control. With the right tools and foundation, you can ensure that 100% of funds end up in the proper accounts. That makes life simpler for you and your franchise operators.

3. Macro Level Setup Tools

They say “don’t reinvent the wheel.” And just like your business modality, if you’ve outlined and defined your concept properly, you shouldn’t start from scratch with every new location. Smart tools enable you to easily replicate your processes and operations anywhere, step by step. That’s one of the keys to rapid expansion.

4. Corporate Controlled CRM tools

Your message is a large part of your brand. If you polled almost any fitness operator, marketing, advertising and general communications are not the reasons they got into the business. But they are often a deciding factor in success. A corporate controlled CRM tool enables you to several critical things that influence long-term viability:
– control you brand message
– execute a proven playbook of communications
– lift some weight off of franchisees
– monitor the activity and results of communications

Franchising is one of the quickest ways to reach aggressive growth targets without the investment required by corporate or other models for instance. Done right, it can be especially rewarding as you bring others along for the ride. Learn more about setting up the proper foundation for franchise success and check out examples of other entrepreneurs doing it now.