The first visit for a new prospect to your fitness studio is critical. This is make or break time.

As a manager, you need to know what that experience is, control, and direct it. Put yourself in a lead's shoes and imagine the client's experience as they walk through the doors. How would you rate on yourself on the following questions? 

1. Do your staff greet them? Coming to a studio can be intimidating. Everyone wants to feel welcome or this will be their last visit. 

2. Does your studio look clean and tidy? Appearances matter, but beyond that, in this era they have to be sanitized as well. 

3. Are there clear instructions where they should go and what amenities you provide? Nobody wants to feel lost or in the way. Make sure points are clearly marked, or better yet, personally show them around.

4. Do they receive a towel or can they purchase or borrow shoes and other equipment? Little things matter a lot to a great workout, don't take it for granted that newbies know what your veterans do. 

5. Does your class experience dazzle them? Flat out, the experience has to be different and one they don't think they can get anywhere else. 

6. Do you have staff available to help them adjust their equipment? Trying to figure out equipment can be frustrating, but worse, can lead to an ineffective workout or worse, injury. Make sure they start out right. 

7. Do your staff greet and welcome them into the classroom or studio room? Ever wander into the wrong classroom in high school or college? That emotion that you're in the wrong place is a powerful one. 

8. Are your teachers and instructors delivering a good class performance? Personalities matter, that's why anyone comes to any class. Your staff has to make it worthwhile and do so consistently. 

9. After class, do staff check in on your leads who are visiting for the first time? Your staff works hard to build connections that keep people coming back. That should start by recognizing and showing extra-attention to new visitors.  

10. Do you have staff discussing future classes and intro offers with these leads? If you don't ask for it, you don't get it. While not 100% true, it's close. While you don't want to put too much pressure, you also don't miss a chance to grow your business or find out what you could do better. 

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