Foundations are critical to success in any endeavor. They are what provide the strength to go higher and move forward toward whatever goals you’ve set.


But like anything else, foundations are made up of many smaller details that can be easy to overlook. That’s why we’re reviewing different tips with some of our in-house experts at ClubReady with social media takeovers and posts. First up is Fred Elias, Vice President of Business Development at ClubReady. Fred’s attention to detail and diligence in sticking to a plan even as he moves across a variety of interests is apparent to all. It shows in his tips for this week for your personal fitness and your business.  



Fred Elias Fitness Tip: Five Reasons to Keep a Workout Journal

One of the best decisions I made in my fitness journey that spans 40-plus years was to keep a workout journal. Whatever I’m working towards or doing, I note it in the journal. The following are a couple of reasons why journaling can help you stay motivated:

1. It’s important you see your numbers. They are real! 
2. Taking time to write your activity helps reinforce and build the discipline to reach your goals. 
3. You will know where you started, how far you’ve come, and where you want to go next. 
4. Beating your previous numbers is a powerful way to increase your motivation.
5. Seeing it every day is a great incentive to keep a workout streak alive, like walking 10,000 steps for 30 straight days.

Fred Elias' ClubReady Best Practices Business Tip: Check Your Gross Sales Detail

At least once every month, run the Gross Sales Detail report for the previous month with the settings shown below. The purpose here is to find any members that are paying "$0" instead of their normal monthly amount. 

What we have seen, especially during COVID-19, is that staff reduce a member’s dues to zero with the intention of doing so for a single month or two vs. canceling or freezing that member. They change the evergreen invoice too and then forget about it. A month later that member remains at $0 billing and it’s too late to collect that lost income. This simple report will quickly identify if you have any members paying $0 and let you review with them to assure that figure is correct.


Running the Gross Sales Detail

First, run the Reports > Sales > Gross Sales report. Run it for the previous month and select the Detail tab as shown below. Use the highlighted drop-down to select “Show Only $0 Invoices”…


Refund Attempted Date > All Card Entry Methods


When you run the report, if nothing is returned, you are good… there are no members paying $0 for that period. If members are returned, as shown in the example below, you should check each one to assure the $0 amount was in fact correct, and also check to see the next invoice(s) coming due are also for the correct amount…


Try to run this at the start of each new month so you assure that every member is in fact paying the correct monthly amount and not zero!



Looking at both of Fred’s tips our takeaway is to document your progress check back periodically to make sure you’re on track. Collecting the information is the first step. Learn more and how you can build new growth even during these times. 


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