Dustin Bogle is a Personal Trainer with 15 years of experience in the fitness industry.

He’s opened multiple fitness facilities in Southern California and has impacted tens of thousands of residents, influencing them to live a healthy lifestyle. He currently owns five Fit Body Boot Camp (FBBC) locations with his wife and business partner, Marybeth.

Over the years, he developed a system for training coaches to deliver a “show” at every session. That training system is now available to all trainers, coaches and fitness professionals through The Rockstar Coaching Academy. Learn more about him and check out his Rockstar Coaching Show Podcast at dustinboglefitness.com. 

Dustin has been a member of the ClubReady family since September 2018. Recently, Chris Smith, Key Account Specialist for ClubReady, sat down with him to learn a little more about what drives him and to hear his thoughts on where fitness is headed.

ClubReady (CR): How did you get started in the fitness industry?

Dustin Bogle (DB): I was 60 pounds overweight in high school with no confidence. I began working out and loved the changes, and the life fitness gave me. After losing about 30 pounds, I became a certified personal trainer and fell in love with the industry and the lifestyle.


CR: What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen occur in the industry over the years?

DB: The industry is pushing towards better customer service and client experience. You can see this with the growth of personal training and the boutique fitness model. Technology has also improved.  Apps, wristbands, and trackers are everywhere.


CR: Why did you choose to go the franchise route, and why did you choose FBBC?

DB: I ran my studio called “Afterburn Personal Training,” and became a part of the 7 figure mastermind program ran by Bedros Keuilian (Founder & CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp). I felt like I’d hit the cap with what I could do alone, and I felt I needed more resources, a better support system, and better marketing. FBBC was growing quickly, and I felt it was a good fit to help me get where I wanted to grow.


CR: What makes FBBC unique?

DB: FBBC intensely focuses on the value of fitness and truly caring for the clients. The clients feel that. FBBC provides the full value of fitness as a lifestyle, not just the 30-minute classes.


CR: What do you currently have in the pipeline for growth and expansion?

DB: Making sure my FBBC locations are successful. Ensure they’re updated with the latest equipment and décor and conduct more team training.  Sharpen the ax and get 1% better every day. At FBBC HQ, I am focused on introducing the “FBBC Way” and making it easier for new owners. I want to provide clear steps and paths to follow within the franchise and continue setting FBBC up as a better franchise model.


CR: What is the FBBC experience for members?

DB: A “wow experience.” The follow-ups and personalized communications give the clients a feeling of community and care from the team. It’s a full lifestyle change.


CR: What have been the most challenging aspects of the business?

DB: Finding the right people (staff/coaches) and creating the right culture.


CR: How important is studio management software for the businesses, and why did you decide to partner with ClubReady?

DB: ClubReady allows for so much personal attention. It helps with the marketing, business reports, numbers, easy-to-use widgets, and having all the metrics for your business so you can address what works and what doesn’t. It helps identify what needs improvement and keeps you organized.


CR: Your studios have experienced significant revenue growth since coming on board with ClubReady?  What’s made the difference?

DB: Quick training and ClubReady support. Having ClubReady removes the owner from being the bottleneck and allows you to delegate. Using ClubReady helps me be more hands-off so I may focus more on the stuff I do well, marketing and sales.


CR: ClubReady is a very robust platform.  What features do you and your staff use most often?  What functionality has become an integral part of running your business?

DB: Check-in kiosk/ wristband check-ins, digital waiver, SMS pin code, phone sales, payment processing, all of the reporting available.


CR: What gems of advice would you like to share with others looking to own their own fitness business?

DB: People, you have to have the right people. Hire slow and fire fast. Stretch your staff to force growth and push them on things they don’t think they can accomplish. Don’t be afraid to invest in marketing and driving sales. My big 3 are people, marketing, and sales.


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