On any journey, it’s critical to have a destination in mind. But when the path is long and potentially winding – like every fitness journey inevitably is –  it’s critical to have support.

You need someone that can motivate you, pick you up when you fall, and keep moving in the right direction. As the African proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” You need help, a traveling companion. The problem is knowledgeable help is hard to come by and the routes to success in the fitness business are individually specific and continuously changing. Fortunately, technology can fill the navigator seat for you.

1. Start at the Beginning - Right Here? Or Here?

It’s important to know where you are right now. Maps rely in large part on your knowledge and analysis. With GPS, it’s absolute data. And if with your business, it’s your analytics. Maps could let you travel miles out of the way before you or your navigator recognize that you’ve made a wrong turn or should have chosen a better route. GPS systems, on the other hand, tell you where you are every second. They can recalculate routes with instantly updated detailed feedback. This frees you to drive the vehicle and everyone else to enjoy the ride. With analytics such as iKizmet it’s like GPS: you’ll know exactly where you are every step of the way. If you’re headed down the wrong road, you’ll know right away, not a month later. Do you want to discover at the end of the quarter that you could have re-routed to a more profitable path? 

2. More Data + Instant Feedback = Shortest Routes to Success 

Knowing your profit and bookings at the end of the month is great, but that’s actually table stakes. But if you can easily and accurately analyze your daily activity, you have 30 more opportunities per month to incorporate small changes that can make a big difference. Were some classes underperforming at the beginning of the week? Are some trainers or instructors better suited to different times or classes? iKizmet analytics delivers those insights and enables you to make adjustments quicker, taking advantage of opportunities to steer your business in the right direction. And if you can get that information without any heavy-lifting or time-consuming reporting on your part that’s the game-changer. That ensures it will be done, enabling you to spend more time leading your staff or connecting with members. 


3. Setting Goals and Beating Estimates

Who doesn’t like seeing the estimated time of arrival on a trip – and arriving ahead of schedule? Having audacious goals is great. But being able to break down those goals and see the steps required to achieve them at the granular level is critical to achieving them. iKizmet lets you see the steps on the way, the progress you’re making, and provides the incentive and information to surpass them.  


4. Recalculate and Reroute Around Incidents

While nobody can see the future, it is possible to aggregate clues as to what lies ahead. Like rows of brake lights flashing on at the top of a hill, iKizmet enables you to see trends and make adjustments earlier to avoid catastrophes. With that information, you can see trends, make decisions, and find alternative routes to your success. Without it - you could travel miles down the road before knowing there is a problem, then be stuck without an alternative route.


5. Find New Treasures on the Journey

What will you see on your way? iKizmet advanced data provides advanced details, which leads to increased correlations between the actions and serendipitous discoveries that lead to innovation and further success. You could find cues to better understand when to add or take away classes. You might be able to see where prospects are losing interest in the sales funnel and not converting into members, or reach out to silent members in time to reactivate them before they cancel. 

Keep Driving

Check out the webinar “Reopen Your Studio with Confidence – Post-COVID Insights for Success” to see how you can use data analytics and other tools to drive your business.