Pure Barre Newest Client to Raise the Bar in the Boutique Fitness Studio Space

Devin Meister
May 21, 2019

ST. LOUIS, May 21, 2019 – ​​​​ClubReady announced today that Pure Barre will be joining as their newest client, to deliver excellence in the boutique studio space for all Pure Barre members and franchisees.

Recently acquired by Xponential Fitness, Pure Barre is the largest barre brand worldwide. Owned and operated by Anthony Geisler, Pure Barre is adopting the same sales-focused model that has led to his success over many years in the fitness space, most specifically with Club Pilates, the largest worldwide network of Reformer-based studios that offer group classes. The model focuses on a streamlined sales approach and a consistent, community-focused member experience. Adopting the ClubReady software will allow Pure Barre and its franchisees to enhance the sales process, specifically utilizing the lead management system to improve client communications and interactions as well as studio operations.

“Pure Barre has a well-defined process on how leads and members are handled during the course of their journey. Through hundreds of business automation rules custom-crafted by the Pure Barre team, ClubReady’s CRM will engage members with time-tested SMS and email marketing messages,” explained Darol Lain, president of ClubReady. “Additionally, club-level staff are also engaged through daily tasks displayed on their personal ClubReady dashboards.”

Along with its evolving technology, ClubReady has adopted a new service-oriented structure to meet the service needs and expectations of the fitness business of the future. This customer-centric operations department will focus on the entire lifecycle of a ClubReady client. From implementation through onboarding, training, support and even future technology projects, it will ensure that customers receive industry-leading service that exceeds expectations at every step and drives their individual success.

“ClubReady continues to pioneer the concept of technology and services focused on attracting, retaining and serving membership communities for life,” said Lain. “We’re excited to work with Pure Barre as they continue to grow their business and raise the bar on member experience.”

Pure Barre is implementing ClubReady’s full suite solution to manage studio operations, member acquisition and member retention. Furthermore, franchise partners will now have robust reporting tools so that daily KPIs and studio performance can be measured in a quick and efficient method. These solutions have been influenced through the work achieved with Xponential’s first brand, Club Pilates. Partnering with Club Pilates allowed ClubReady to modify and customize their tools for the boutique fitness space, allowing for operational and brand success. Pure Barre is excited to continue their success of Geisler’s franchise model using CRM solutions and lead management to grow the business and evolve processes and culture to take Pure Barre to the next level.


ClubReady is the leading provider of full-suite studio fitness and wellness club management software and services. Founded in 2009, ClubReady has been committed to building the studio fitness business of the future. The ClubReady Fitness Management Platform provides clients a full membership management and engagement experience to attract, retain and better serve their members. ClubReady’s Performance IQ enhances this platform with fitness tracking software that delivers high-quality, real-time, individual and group fitness results leading to higher member engagement, retention and loyalty. ClubReady’s GYM HQ supports the mission by providing bundled club services, like client contract managers, customer service agents, payroll, accounting and operations support.

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