You collect data from hundreds of members and prospective members, across multiple channels, over several years, representing thousands of transactions.

However, deriving insights from that data and shaping business decisions to improve business performance is challenging, but essential to your success.

The ClubReady and iKizmet partnership is allowing studios to more accurately goal-set and forecast their business performance. ClubReady customers can analyze their revenue but they can now also factor in conversion and churn metrics in order to establish the KPIs needed throughout the entire member relationship lifecycle.

“Simply put, iKizmet connects you to your data. iKizmet is a data visualization and analytics platform, which connects your ClubReady data to provide real-time, actionable, synced information” says ClubReady’s Vice President of Business Development, Fred Elias. “Their numerous dashboards provided the insight necessary for your studio to improve member acquisition and retention, revenue growth and marketing ROI.”

Hear Andres Moran, Founder of iKizmet, and Fred Elias, Vice President of Business Development at ClubReady, in a webinar where they explain how iKizmet can help you:

  • Develop dashboards that visually demonstrate performance against revenue, recruitment, and member acquisition KPIs 
  • Analyze member utilization and spend behavior
  • Pivot your business in real-time by adjusting marketing strategy, staffing, and class scheduling