ClubReady and Mayweather Boxing + Fitness Announce Strategic Partnership to Deliver Next-Generation Experiences

Devin Meister
March 28, 2019

ClubReady and Mayweather Boxing + Fitness announced a strategic partnership to enhance the fitness club experience for all Mayweather members and franchisees.

With the mission to enable members to train like the champ, delivering best-in-class fitness concepts and next-generation experiences, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness will implement ClubReady’s full suite solution to manage club operations, member acquisition and member engagement. ClubReady’s performance monitoring solution, Performance IQ, will strengthen the member experience with interactive performance data and power training and tracking. ClubReady’s GYM HQ will also offer Mayweather franchisees exclusive back office services, enabling them to keep their focus on their members.

ClubReady offers the best total package in studio management software. From managing our leads to knowing our members are successfully billing, we trust ClubReady to help our franchisees build a better business. They do so much more than their competitors,” said Mayweather Boxing + Fitness President, Don Michael. “A good example is their professional services suite, GYM HQ. Offering an industry-specific solution for things like accounting, payroll, HR, and customer service was a no brainer for us. The work they do is invaluable to our franchisees. It saves them time and money while allowing them to focus on driving the growth of their business. With all the services ClubReady provides, it gives us a sense of comfort to know they are working with our franchisees.”

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness hopes to open 500 locations by the end of 2023, making both organizations optimistic about the future of the partnership. “We are excited to partner with Mayweather Boxing + Fitness, and their franchisees, to deliver a full membership management and engagement experience to help attract, retain and better serve their members. The fitness industry moves quickly, just like Mayweather. Our solutions will help them keep moving forward quickly and with confidence,” said Darol Lain, President, ClubReady.

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is a revolutionary fitness experience that combines immersive training with industry-leading technology. Having spent 21 years at the top of the sport of boxing, and developing his proprietary – and previously unshared – workout programs and routines, Floyd Mayweather has partnered with an industry-leading team to deliver the gold standard in boxing group fitness. Each Mayweather Boxing + Fitness studio offers class-based boxing and functional training workouts for all levels of fitness, along with advanced tech features, including individual Virtual Reality sessions, heart rate monitoring and daily workout videos. The VR experience features a virtual Floyd coaching individual users through routines that kept him at the top of his game throughout his boxing career, providing an incredibly fun and effective cardio workout.


ClubReady is the leading provider of full-suite studio fitness and wellness club management software and services. Founded in 2009, ClubReady has been committed to building the studio fitness business of the future. The ClubReady Fitness Management Platform provides clients a full membership management and engagement experience to attract, retain and better serve their members. ClubReady’s Performance IQ enhances this platform with fitness tracking software that delivers high quality, real-time, individual and group fitness results leading to higher member engagement, retention and loyalty. ClubReady’s GYM HQ supports the mission by providing bundled club services, like client contract managers, customer service agents, payroll, accounting, and operations support.