June 8, 2020 - ClubReady, the leading provider of full-suite studio fitness and wellness club management software, today announced enhancements to their CORE solution suite providing fitness studios with the strength and stability needed in this uncertain environment, and allowing for controlled and contactless member experiences, as well as easy to scale operational practices.

This suite is in response to the circumstances that have caused studios to pivot their operations to support new government requirements for social distancing and safety. 

“Studio members are excited to return to their fitness studios, but they also need assurance that preventative measures are in place to protect their health” said Darol Lain, President of ClubReady. “Our technology is designed to a member experience that delivers peace of mind to both the members and the studio, while also running the studio with ease and precision.”

While many studios have pivoted to online instruction, and more are preparing to reopen, there’s a cloud of uncertainty around when they can return to normal operations and when members will feel comfortable returning to the studio even with strict physical distancing and sanitation protocols. With over a decade in the fitness studio business, ClubReady has perfected its member management technology, honed its payment knowledge, and enhanced revenue reporting to develop CORE, a solution that solves for this uncertainty.  

- Class, Services, and Booking Management
Utilizing ClubReady’s CORE solution, studios can adjust booking times to allow for more time in between classes for sanitization, control the number of members that can register, offer and register outdoor classes, allocate staffing resources where they’re needed most, and develop spot booking to manage the spacing in between members during a class.

- Check-in and Reporting System 
CORE allows studios to access reporting for contact tracing in order to understand who’s checking-in and attending classes or one-on-one and small group sessions. It is imperative for fitness studios to extend their contact tracing beyond club attendance to class attendance. This requires studios to embrace a more modern check-in system. CORE’s check-in module allows studios to construct a check-in process that works for their specific club. With options for barcode scan, as well as self or staff check-in by app or web, members can opt for a contactless experience.

- Zoom Integration
Hybrid fitness class models will be a competitive advantage for studios moving forward, offering the flexibility of class accessibility with live-streaming classes, or having an instructor teach a handful of people in person, while simultaneously broadcasting that workout to people logged in online. Some studios may also want to provide access to pre-recorded classes that reside on the studio website. With ClubReady CORE’s Zoom integration, studios no longer have to set up Zoom meetings, they simply utilize the integration and ClubReady creates those classes in Zoom. Studios can access a unique Zoom link for a particular class, and tie it directly to the ClubReady booking calendar accessible on a web browser or mobile device. Instructors start the Zoom class with the click of a button.  

- POS and Inventory Management, Staff Management, and Managed Billing System
Because many studios have had to scale back staffing, internal automation is essential to the day-to-day operations. CORE streamlines operations while also developing strong member relationships and loyalty with tools like controlled freezing and unfreezing of member accounts. With the self check-in tool available via web browser or mobile app, studios can flex their staff where they are needed most, while also providing members safe contactless class check-in. Utilizing the contract and agreement tool, studios can easily adjust, send, and accept waiver policies with updated health and safety protocols and requirements around local and state requirements as well as their studio’s updated policies.

- Automated Communication Tools
Because not all members will rush back into the studio, communication management must extend beyond the four walls of the club. ClubReady CORE’s automated communication tools allow studios to send reopening email marketing campaigns to introduce members to new class procedures, and updated waivers. Through a powerful automation engine, studios can now automate things they never expected   in order to target member and prospect communications. 

- Mobile App and SMS
With CORE’s club-branded app, studios can also send push notifications with class offerings and availability and new safety measures. CORE also integrates with Zipwhip, enabling texting from an existing business phone number, or send and receive texts on computers or mobile devices. It’s a powerful tool to build member engagement, encouraging members after workouts and reconnecting with at-risk members that aren’t entering the club regularly.

With ClubReady’s CORE solution, fitness studios can deliver peace of mind to its members and staff with safe class practices, expand business opportunities with hybrid fitness class offerings, scale operations with limited staff, and ever-changing procedures, and strengthen member loyalty with strong communication and member-focused payment practices. Learn more about ClubReady’s CORE solution



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