Don’t Outsource Your Mobile Loyalty

Devin Meister
August 28, 2023

Own the member relationship, your data, and keep the revenue in your studio

You work hard to create a unique experience for all of your members. Their loyalty – and consistent payments – are paramount to establishing and running a profitable business. You’ve done the work, you should reap the benefits. That’s why it’s important that you own that relationship everywhere, including your mobile app. It should be apparent that all apps are not created equal – and that multiple brand apps were never intended to build loyalty for your business. When selecting a mobile app to build your business or franchise consider the following.

Don’t Open the Door for Your Competition

While a rising tide might lift all ships, the fitness business is competitive. You have to operate through low tide periods as well. Your members know they have options and likely pass several on the way to their session at your business. You don’t need to present offers from other clubs on your mobile app that could steer them away from your business.

Do Build Engagement

The relationships you build with members is what creates their loyalty. Your mobile app is the extension of the 1:1 in-person interactions when they are outside of your walls. Ensure that you can offer the content and encouragement for members to reach their goals while you track their activity and progress.

Do Take What’s Yours

Long-term viability requires profitability. You should value and charge for your unique offerings accordingly, not enter into a race to the bottom based on price. What comes through your doors should be yours. Additionally, as you grow and scale, it’s important that you have insights to accurately attribute revenue to members and locations. That sounds simple, but only an app and system that prioritizes your business and loyalty makes it possible.

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