Empowering Fitness Owners and Managing Corporate Growth

Abby Rossi
October 27, 2022

From the very first location in 2017, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness has partnered with ClubReady. Now with more than 60 locations, ClubReady is the nucleus of everything they do, helping them manage growth at the corporate level and empower their owners to better manage their business.

“It’s allowed us to be a really great advocate for the owners to be able to identify when something is missing or make more meaningful recommendations,” says Amanda Enos, Vice President of Sales & Operations, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness. Hear how the Enos and the Mayweather Boxing + Fitness corporate team use ClubReady to make their businesses as strong as possible.

Does the Mayweather corporate team use ClubReady in addition to the franchisees?

Enos: Yes, we do use it. We own three corporate locations. First and foremost, the locations that we have all run on ClubReady.

Secondarily, my team strategically helps plan sales and operations to grow the business. That requires us, not only to say, here’s what we think you should do. We can say here are our recommendations, let’s hop into the system and see how your team is actually managing a lead. We can ask about what they are saying when they send a text message or what their email template looks like. We use ClubReady to not only be something that navigates the studios we own, but it navigates the conversations for development and training that we need to provide to the owners based on what we see happening or not happening in the system.

Maximizing System Value

Enos: When I came in October, nobody owned ClubReady. I had a team of Sales and Operations support people that I was trying to figure out ‘how are you actually supporting people if you don’t know what you’re doing in the system’. Along the way, we’ve developed and also acquired team members whose part of their job description is being a ClubReady subject matter expert. It’s allowed us to be a really great advocate for the owners to be able to identify when something is missing or make more meaningful recommendations when we know that there are other opportunities for them to optimize a certain part of what ClubReady offers and, or a partner company that ClubReady connects with. Aurora is a great example of that.

We have some studios that go through staffing ebbs and flows, and previously, somebody from ClubReady could have said, ‘Go to Aurora’, but the studio is going to say, ‘okay, great.’ When my team comes in, they can go look and say ‘you are in a staffing scenario, you’re going to lose traction on results, here’s what Aurora the platform does, here’s how we see it integrated into ClubReady beautifully. Would you want to take advantage of speaking to them?’ Since we’re experts in the system, we now can be better about being prescriptive to our franchisees to get them what they need.

Information and Reports to Drive the Business

Enos: We have the iKizmet plugin, so we use the reporting in there for details. We use the main dashboard to say ‘here are some symptoms. Now we have to get to the root cause with what’s causing the symptoms to be as they are’. A lot of those answers, even from a corporate level with overall company results that we see on the iKizmet dashboard. We can make a lot of guesses based on what we see in iKizmet, but tell us what’s really occurring. It’s our way to prove assumptions about the business.

Growing the Business

ClubReady was created to enable growth-minded businesses to reach their goals. From booking to royalty management to custom mobile apps to data analytics, ClubReady provides everything entrepreneurs need to achieve their goals.

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