Expanding and Connecting with ClubReady Connect 

Devin Meister
December 1, 2023
ClubReady Connect helps leading operator engage members and prospects.

ClubReady Connect empowers studios to engage with customers conveniently and effectively through SMS and MMS, members’ preferred methods of communication. That’s what a growing powerhouse in the industry has found since they implemented the solution. Watch an overview and hear about their experience with ClubReady.

What’s one of the biggest advantages you see with ClubReady Connect?

ClubReady Connect has helped us not only scale but also maintain and make sure we have best business practices in our existing studios, promoting a good member experience and prospect sales process experience.

What are the benefits to your business as a result of the partnership?  

ClubReady Connect has allowed us to reach a broader audience when it comes to generating more interest in our brand and local business. We’re able to extend our reach and contact potentially interested parties, not only through phone calls but via text. ClubReady Connect fills in that texting platform where we’re able to reach people either through targeted campaigns and text messages that are geared toward specific prospect types or just general outreach for existing customers. When we need to update something in their account or we want to check on how their son’s birthday party went, it affords us the ability to have quick connections without tying up our phone line.

The other piece is the automations that ClubReady Connect allows us to do with our business model. We’re offering fitness classes throughout the day. We can only serve 12 clients at a time, so a lot of our classes are waitlisted. ClubReady Connect notifies a user when they’re off the waitlist via text. The traditional model only sends an email notification and a lot of our clients are not monitoring their email 24/7, but they’re receiving text messages.

What’s been your experience working with ClubReady? 

It’s been a quick turnaround whether it’s new accounts set up or when we have any support requests. The team is active to help find a resolution. It’s just really made the reach of our business that much farther. If we didn’t have ClubReady Connect, we wouldn’t be able to scale and reach the number of interested parties as effectively. It allows us to be really efficient with our time and have authentic outreach in a short amount of time.

What would you tell other franchise operators considering ClubReady?  

It’s a definite value add. When you have a healthy sales process and you have great sales associates and general managers, this kind of tool is only going to improve their ability to do their job effectively. If on the other side, you are lacking bandwidth, ClubReady Connect also offers some other services to kind of fill in and sort of function like a sales associate might. When it comes to interacting with prospects they offer pre-sales support to help get businesses off the ground with some founding memberships.

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