Fight, Kick, & Flow Your Way Around Past Due Billing

Abby Rossi
August 5, 2022

Past Due Collections. Three words that may scare you away. For Kacey Glessner, Senior Director of Corporate Operations, she ran towards the ability to find a service to assist her with past due collections, especially as X3 continued to grow their operations in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Hear from Kacey as she walks us through their journey of realizing they needed some assistance with past due collections.

X3 is a multi-unit fitness studio that has a little bit of something for everybody. They are primarily class based for martial arts and kickboxing, but have general fitness and personal training from beginners to professional level as well.

How long has X3 been a ClubReady customer & when did you realize you needed a change? 

Kacey: Overall, around eight years. From 2008 through 2018 we were collaborating customers, we had transitioned to another company and then we came back in 2020. We were bringing on our fourth location at the time and we thought we could be doing it better than I was executing with past due collections. Bringing in professionals to handle it was probably a deciding factor as well for Mike, owner of X3.

What causes clubs to need past due collections? 

Kacey: The last couple years it’s definitely been people’s finances in general. We’ve noticed a lot more hardship. Back when I was doing it, it was a pretty even spread of people not wanting to pay because of getting off track. We are term based, most of our memberships are 12 or 24 months and sometimes people just fall off.

How big of a problem was past due collections for X3 & how was ClubReady able to help?

Kacey: It was a huge problem. Back in the beginning, we used to have an in-house person who did all of our collections when they had three locations at that time. That person was me. It takes a very special type of person to do past due billing and account management in general. I did it for two years. It was very hard. Being able to transition to an external company was huge for us. We don’t even notice what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s very seamless.

What was your experience with the other companies & why did you come back? 

Kacey: When we did go to a different platform, I don’t wanna name names, but the other billing platforms were very complex. We lost a lot of revenue. For example, having club account billing versus automated billing for members was too much to keep up with. It’s much easier now.

What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a multi-unit studio?

Kacey: Scalability. We are always looking for the next location. Consistency. One of the things I’ve really enjoyed about ClubReady is the automation. That was one of the things I implemented while I was doing it because it can be a lot to keep up with. It’s hard to manage hundreds of accounts as one person. Being able to reach all of those people through emails, texts, and phone calls has been huge. That was a huge issue for us leading up to the transition.

Other than automation, what is your favorite thing about ClubReady? 

Kacey: Definitely self sufficiency. I love it. I can do pretty much everything that I wanna do. If I want to run a promotion or make a new deal to sell, I can do everything myself. I don’t have to send it to an intermediary team who works on it and then sends it back to us a week later. That’s probably the biggest thing for me. Also, I like that it is all in one. Being able to manage prospects, members, and sales all in one place has been huge. I’ve used other systems where you have nine different platforms for everything and it gets very messy.

A Seamless Process for Past Due Collections

If a seamless process that you ‘don’t even know what’s happening behind the scenes’ is what you are looking for. Look no further. Past due billing can be a major issue, especially when trying to scale your business, but ClubReady is a one-stop-shop for all of your past due communication needs.

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