Fitness Business Data Analytics in One Stop

Devin Meister
November 23, 2022

From the first franchises in 2018 to 160 studios open (Q4 2022) and more than 550 territories sold today, YogaSix has grown to become the largest franchised yoga brand worldwide. That growth didn’t happen by accident.

It takes a continued concerted effort, dedication to processes, and the flexibility to adjust as necessary. “Our business is very simple,” says Michael Leonard, Vice President of Sales, YogaSix. “It is not easy, but our business is very simple. Get leads, have them come in and experience the studio, have them have a great experience, and sell them something.”

To ensure that they have an accurate understanding of what’s happening at each stage in the process they use iKizmet for their data analytics. Speed is important both to scale and to ensure that everyone is focused on the right issues and what will make the most difference in their results tomorrow. We caught up with Mr. Leonard to learn more about how YogaSix uses iKizmet to drive strategic initiatives at the corporate level and quick snapshots at the individual level to improve studio performance.

Driving forward with historical data.

Leonard: What you’re looking at is stuff that’s already happened. So you need to be able to go in there, get what you need, and get out and figure out ‘what am I going do differently today to get a different result?’ For our people on the ground at the studio level, I just need them to get into the laser funnel, figure out which part of the business they need to work on to improve, and then do it.

What impact does iKizmet have at the studio level?

Leonard: The biggest thing for me with them is really just the time, right? They’re already busy enough doing everything else in the studio on a daily basis just to run the business. To get them bogged down in two hours, two and a half hours of dissecting data just wasn’t scalable. If they’re really understanding how to use iKizmet, it’s 10-15 minutes a day really is all they need to do.

How does YogaSix Corporate use iKizmet to help franchisees reach their goals?

Leonard: I look at the holistic view every single day, probably multiple times per day, depending on what I’m doing strategically to plan. Then I’ll go into individual studios that aren’t performing and say, Hey, here’s where we are. Here’s what we need to do differently to get a different result.

Our business is very simple. It is not easy, but our business is very simple. Get leads, have them come in and experience the studio, have them have a great experience, and sell them something. I mean, that’s what we do. For sure, it saves me time too at the corporate level when it comes to understanding metrics at the corporate level. So when I’m at a meeting with individual studios, I’m able to have conversations with them, Hey, here’s the benchmark for the rest of the system. And either A, you’re pulling it up, or B, you’re pulling it down. And so what can I do to help?

How has iKizmet changed the way you work?

Leonard: The simplicity of looking at the data, I think to me is the biggest piece and having it be a one-stop shop. I don’t have to go into multiple platforms and pull multiple reports and stick ’em into pivot tables and Excel spreadsheets in order to understand what’s going on. It’s all right there.

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