Fitness Trends of 2024

Abby Rossi
January 29, 2024

2024 is the year to regroup, reassess, and revamp your fitness studio. Technology has been and continues to be the way of the world – so make sure it’s working for you this year, not against you. Use your resources to provide your customers with materials needed to reach their goals, rejuvenate their workouts, and add some fun!

1. Lifestyle

Mental health, mindfulness, and relaxation have become hot topics going into the new year – and the biggest topic of 2024 is the focus on regaining our mental health. Many studios are adding yoga and breathing techniques to their classes, so members can take some time to calm their thoughts and their minds. Your customers need to be focusing on their mindfulness, but so do studio owners! There are so many services and automation tips to keep your mind at ease. The more in tune you are with your software, the more peace you will find.

2. Get in the Game

Who doesn’t love a little competition? It’s time to gamify your fitness and cause a little chaos with your members. They don’t have to be major competitions, even a simple step challenge can do the trick. The point is to give your members a better sense of community and get them to work together to push each other to their goals.

3. Mix it Up

This year is about simplifying and minimizing. A big trend we are going to see in 2024 is a variety of fitness in a singular class. For example, yoga and strength training in one class. By offering multiple types of training, you are providing your members with the ability to have it all in one spot. This allows your customers to pay one membership, spend less time driving, and they can even get time back in their schedule. Lucky for you, there is no extra work on your end since you already utilize the necessary technology needed to add these classes!

4. It’s Fashionable

Not only do you look great if you focus on your mental and physical health, but you can also look great doing it too! Fitness watches have become fashionable and useful outside of the world of fitness. Cute bands, slimer screens, and more intricate technology. Fitness watches are not only for those that work out, but they are also for grandma! It can find their heart rate, track sleep, count steps and they can even do it with a metal, or fabric watch band, so they look just as snazzy as before. Remember those competitions? Fitness watches are the easiest and most fashionable way to compete!

5. Make it a Workshop

Gyms are expanding their offerings beyond equipment and classes by hosting wellness workshops and events. These educational sessions cover various topics such as nutrition, stress management, sleep optimisation, and mindfulness practices. By attending these events, your members can expand their knowledge, receive expert guidance, and connect with like-minded individuals. (written by myFitApp)

These trends are ready to take 2024 by storm. They are not only for those in the fitness world, but for anyone looking to improve their lifestyle for the better!

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