Game Changing Fitness Management

Devin Meister
March 30, 2023
ClubReady was a game-changer for this fitness studio

According to the founders and proprietors of XGT Fitness, they provide the ultimate fat-burning, muscle-building, life-changing group training workout that members will ever participate in!

Judging by the public responses of members they’ve found something that resonates. Based on supportive group training with a focus on the individual and their wellness goals, they’re achieving results that matter – and have big plans for the business going forward. Thanks to ClubReady, they’re having similar growth success with their business. “Partnering with ClubReady was a game-changer for us,” says Jesse Lopez, Vice President of Growth for XGT Fitness Corporate Licensing Group. Hear more about the value they’ve found with ClubReady as an all-in-one solution, including myFitApp as their mobile app, from a recent interview.

How did you decide on ClubReady for your fitness business management?

Lopez: As the Vice President of Growth for XGT Corporate Licensing Group and a multi-studio owner, I understand the challenges that come with managing multiple locations and ensuring consistent growth. That’s why partnering with ClubReady was a game-changer for us. We were previously struggling to find an all-in-one solution and, like many others, were relying on multiple software to manage our sales process. But with ClubReady, we were able to streamline our entire process, from lead generation to member journey follow-ups, call tasks, automations, and tracking, keeping our sales team accountable and future-proof as we continue to grow with additional licensees.

Like a lot of fitness businesses, you’re looking to scale your operations. What role has ClubReady played in those efforts?

Lopez: ClubReady has been a key factor in our success so far, allowing us to refine our sales process within a single software that can easily be replicated for each licensee. This frees up our time to focus on supporting our licensees in growing their locations.

How has myFitApp impacted your business?

Lopez: myFitApp has been a phenomenal addition to our lead nurturing and member engagement process. Our team and members love the app’s ability to send push notifications, generate referrals and provide relevant articles and videos. And, as a bonus, we have the flexibility to customize the content and appearance to align with each of our locations and future licensees.

How would you describe ClubReady’s customer service?

Lopez: The exceptional customer service provided by the ClubReady team played a significant role in ensuring a smooth conversion when we first started and continues to support us as we evolve our marketing, lead nurturing, and member campaigns.

Why should other fitness operators consider working with ClubReady?

Lopez: As a studio owner and operator, there are numerous responsibilities to manage, from staffing to marketing to member retention and prospecting. With ClubReady, we can simplify our operations and focus on what truly matters – helping our members reach their fitness goals & growing the business.

See how ClubReady could change the game and give you a competitive advantage.

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