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Abby Rossi
August 5, 2022

Imagine manually having to send a member username and password every single time someone asks for it. Sounds exhausting, right? That used to be a daily task for Charmaine Swinger, Member Services Manager of X3, but not anymore. Hear Charmaine’s story of switching to ClubReady and the challenges X3 has overcome after making the switch.

X3 offers more than your typical gym and martial arts gym. At over 8 locations in the Atlanta area, you can kick, fight, and flow your way to a healthier lifestyle through general fitness classes and personal training.

How long have you been a ClubReady customer?

Charmaine: We were with ClubReady, then we left ClubReady, and now we are back with ClubReady as of last year. We felt it was the best business move to make. I was able to work a management position with both billing departments and can honestly say I get through work smoother with ClubReady, since we have ownership of our billing.

How was the process of implementing the ClubReady product? 

Charmaine: When we reimplimented ClubReady, we were in a COVID year, so there were already more problems with cancellations or people that couldn’t pay for something at the time. We had to work out a lot of stuff to changeover, but it was a good change. The training that ClubReady offered our employees was top notch, so the X3 team was able to catch on very quickly.

What was the biggest challenge prior to using ClubReady? 

Charmaine: The financial hardship was a big thing. It was a lot of miscommunication since we were going party to party. Whereas with ClubReady, we have ownership over our billing, which means we can work out what we need to for that member. It is specialized for each person and we’re able to handle particular situations within a certain amount of time.

Charmaine: Within the last year, another challenge was sticking to what we’re telling the members that we’re implementing. Now that we’re with ClubReady, I see less challenges with adherence policy because I’m preaching it and I’m also the one changing it for you. It stays within our realm of what I said, goes.

How does technology impact the member experience? 

Charmaine: This is a technology based generation. Technology is everything to us right now, which is why I feel this was the right move to have ownership over billing. ClubReady offers great support. The support tab allows you to talk to  someone really quickly. You all offer great guidance with that. I never hear from anybody in the queue, outside that day of writing them.

What is your experience with the ClubReady Support Team? 

Charmaine: I’ve always received some type of feedback or direction from them. They’ll always navigate me to the right thing. If I asked for past dues, they would provide the training guide. It is always good guidance with the problem I am facing.

What do you think will be the most important thing for X3 going into the future? 

Charmaine: Keeping everybody up on the ClubReady training. I’m a little biased because I was able to use ClubReady in the past.

What’s your favorite thing about ClubReady? 

Charmaine: I have full access. Nothing is touched or moved in the notations on ClubReady. I love that. Everything is sent out automatically. For example, if I’m canceling, I only have to go back and send something that says it’s been officially canceled, automations handles the rest. ClubReady is great with notifying you of the membership being removed, the auto renewal being removed, notifying you of cancellation, and any type of change to your account that we’re doing. ClubReady simplifies things. We’re able to have a button where we can just click and send out the login information instead of us having to go and find all of the information and sending out the email ourselves. The automatic emails have helped a lot.

How many users are in the system with ClubReady? 

Charmaine: Over a hundred. Everyone uses ClubReady no matter what aspect they’re using it in. I use it for reports the majority of the time. We use ClubReady completely with our lead management and bookings. Everything goes through ClubReady. Checking in, clocking it, it helps that everybody’s on one accord across all of the X3 franchises.

What is the future of X3? 

Charmaine: People always ask us to go outside of Atlanta. X3 is doing a lot of expansion to go to North Marietta and Athens. It’s phenomenal.

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