July 2022 Newsletter – Set New Goals to Increase Your Revenue

Abby Rossi
July 14, 2022

A new quarter means new goals. New goals to increase your membership, increase your class sizes, and increase your revenue.

ClubReady is here to help you execute your goals and make them into a reality. In this newsletter, you will find a recap of our experience at IHRSA, how to plan out your Q3 with ClubReady, and the new product launches for ClubReady CORE & iKizmet.

ClubReady rocked IHRSA in Miami Beach, Florida this past week. Between discussing the features of ClubReady, showing the capabilities of Performance IQ, and the explanations of iKizmet, our new partnership with myFitApp knocked it out of the park and we are very excited to be working with them.

And it was great to be back together and in force. “Nothing can replicate the energy on display at an IHRSA trade-show floor.” said Chris Gallo, Vice President of Sales, ClubReady.  “In Miami 2022, even after the harsh challenges of the last few years, the positive vibes were palpable as this industry, led by IHRSA, is relentless in all of our pursuits for success.”

If you were unable to experience the energy of IHRSA 2022 firsthand, here is a recap of what ClubReady featured at the show.

Scheduling Reimagined! 

Hope you are as excited as we are for the user experience improvements in the upcoming launch of Scheduling Reimagined as it continues to gain momentum and go through the beta process. Take a moment to watch our new launch video as we are in the final stages of preparation before we launch.

ClubReady CORE 

Our new Commission and Payroll Report is now live! This comprehensive report allows you to view staff payment information for any combination of commissionable sales, including instruction, merchandise, or time clock based commissions.


Navigating through iKizmet just got a whole lot easier with our new makeover! We are no longer hiding reports and pages under the dropdown menu. Move around your iKizmet dashboard with ease and transparency with the new horizontal menu.

Riley is an Implementation Specialist at ClubReady and is truly an expert in this field. His best tip for using the ClubReady product would definitely be utilizing the Knowledgebase. It answers almost all of the questions you may have about the products and how they are supposed to work. It will provide you with all of the tools you need to complete your task.

When not working, Riley’s favorite fitness activity is taking his dog River on walks or playing fetch in the park. They are slowly working their way up to taking long hikes together.

Set Goals for Quarter 3!

Review metrics in ClubReady from Q1/Q2 to set goals for this upcoming quarter and continue to grow your business.

Refer to the articles below to understand available features.

Navigate to Help > Knowledgebase Articles to locate additional resources.

With just 50 late-paying and non-paying members, the average studio loses about $40,000 per year. ClubReady is now fully integrated with Swift Financial Services. Swift is the only fitness-focused collections agency. There are no upfront fees and no long-term contracts. All you have to do is opt-in, and ClubReady and Swift will take care of the rest.

If you are, fantastic! That’s our goal! We’d greatly appreciate it if you’d leave an online review through G2. G2 offers a neutral platform for verified software users to share their experience working with different programs. It helps us to see how ClubReadyl measures up to your expectations and it only takes a few minutes – you can get started here.