June 2023 Newsletter – Streamlined Processes For You and Your Staff

Abby Rossi
June 30, 2023

Some days are easy breezy, while others feel a bit longer, especially when running a business. It can sometimes feel overwhelming. You do your best to engage with customers and lead your staff while trying to stay fit yourself. We get it! That is why Chris Gallo, Vice President of Sales at ClubReady, sat down to talk about how innovative technology can streamline your business processes, no matter the fitness establishment you own, so that you can focus on the member’s experience.

So, dive into this newsletter. It will provide important educational training about sales packages for associated members and families, the latest iKizmet updates for the At Risk Members module, and the new Demographics module allowing you to look deeper into your client base, Scheduling Reimagined updates, and much more.

Customer Spotlight

Helping Stretch Zone Scale Across Locations

This month we would like to spotlight Stretch Zone, a leading franchised stretching concept that offers proprietary, practitioner-assisted stretching sessions to help clients achieve an enhanced quality of life. With a steady cadence of location openings, Stretch Zone has passed 250 locations, is well on their way to 300, and is definitely in growth mode.

When you’re expanding that quickly, consistency and reliability are critical. From the beginning, Stretch Zone has found that with ClubReady. “It’s enabled us to scale the brand by ensuring consistency across the locations,” says Keith Trawick, Chief Information Officer of Stretch Zone. Read more from our conversation with our friend and customer as he talks about growth and what brands should look at when scaling their operations.

Supercharge Your Business With
Thoughtful Tech Decisions

Learn how innovative technology can revolutionize your operations and streamline business processes, no matter the type of fitness establishment you own. Gain invaluable insights and expert tips directly from Chris Gallo, and his unique history, empowering studio owners to leverage technology effectively and thrive in the ever-evolving fitness industry.

Team Member Spotlight

Christopher Smith, Senior Customer Experience Specialist

Resident of: Foothills Ranch, CA

Time at ClubReady: 4.5 years

Family: fiancé and two dogs (Mia and Bruce Wayne)

Fitness Hobbies: lifting weights, daily walks with the dogs, hikes

What I Am Currently Binge-watching: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Seinfeld, and The Office

Most Recent Accomplishment: Getting engaged.

Why I Enjoy Working at ClubReady: I have always loved being active and staying in shape. I have my BA in Exercise Science and ClubReady is a way to stay connected to the fitness industry. As well as the relationships with both the team members as well as the customers I work with daily.

Favorite Quote/Words to Live By: “Roads? Where we are going, we don’t need roads” – Dr. Emmett Brown

June Educational Updates

Dive Into Summer

By setting your sales packages to allow associated members, families can enjoy working out together and sharing the benefits of the same membership.

Refer to these articles to learn more.

Make sure to b
ookmark our
Help Center to locate available resources.

Product Updates


Our latest Scheduling Reimagined release creates a more customizable experience and saves you clicks. New features include:

  • Color customization allows clubs to select virtually any color to display for classes or services.
  • A monthly view for a comprehensive snapshot of the entire month.
  • An “Add Client” button from within the class roster. You can now book a prospect directly into a class without adding them first.

Check out these new features by clicking the video below.


Our new At Risk Members module is another tool to combat attrition. Using this module will allow you to see which of your members had been coming to classes and recently stopped visiting. This module will rank those At Risk Members by the amount of revenue they are generating. It will also give you the ability to include or exclude future bookings in the At Risk count.

If you want to dive a little deeper into your client base, then the new Demographics module is for you. This new page lets you see and group your clients by referral source, age, zip code, and gender. You can also see lifetime spend and visits. All of the data for this module is limited to what is entered into ClubReady.

Be on the lookout for some more updates in July!

Looking to add a solution to your current toolbox? Book a meeting with Allison on the ClubReady team.

ClubReady Status Updates

What’s going on?! Don’t wait and wonder, subscribe to our System Status Update to get real-time updates of any system issues and expected timing for resolutions. You’ll save time by not reaching out to support and can stay focused on helping your team! You can receive these message updates through email, RSS, or webhook.  

It’s Time to Celebrate!

We are excited to celebrate all the new accounts that were added in the last month.