Make the Most of Your Fitness App Experience

Devin Meister
April 10, 2023

As technology evolves, fitness enthusiasts and trainers have a myriad of options for how they can best monitor the way they live their lives.

A simple example of this is that most smartphones come with apps that track daily movement and exercise preinstalled, such as Apple’s Health app, offering users a fitness baseline. This is taken a step forward with wearables like the Apple Watch and FitBit, which track the different ways people move throughout their day and how many calories they burn. Some newer models are designed to integrate with their preferred exercise machines at the gym.

Then there are calorie diary apps like My Fitness Pal that allow users to track how much they are consuming each day as they work toward their goal weight. Everything a fitness enthusiast could want to help them live a healthy lifestyle is available right at their fingertips on their smartphone, so where do fitness businesses, like ClubReady, fit into this?

With these advancements, the fitness industry as a whole, must evolve to accommodate them. This begs the question of how can you tailor your fitness business’ experience to people who are increasingly running their entire life from their smartphone? The answer is an accessible, intuitive member app that can live alongside their calorie tracker, pedometer, personal calendar and workout playlist.

The ClubReady Member App offers the best of both worlds. The Member App allows for ease of use pulling together everything a member might need to make the most out of their fitness experience. It lets users manage their workouts and scheduled classes remotely, integrating with their personal calendar. Members can also use it to purchase credits for sessions anytime, anywhere so they won’t miss a session. The app also boasts a streamlined check-in feature that gives users their scannable barcode on their phone and the accessibility to update their personal profile information at any time. It’s the perfect solution to reach the customer whose smartphone is attached to their hand and make their experience infinitely accessible.

If your members aren’t using the ClubReady Member app, they’re missing out. The latest update to our app includes a redesigned service selection workflow that offers an improved way to view a club’s schedule, making it easier to find the trainer that best fits their style. Another new feature is a fix for better “cross club” bookings, that help ensure that users can be certain they are booking the right class at the right club. It is an ever changing, evolving app that is there to make members’ experience at your business that much easier.

ClubReady’s Member App can simplify your customer’s fitness experience. Try it out for yourself right now on either iOS or Android.

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash