Maximizing your Fitness Business’ CRM Practices to Tackle Staffing Challenges

Chris Gallo
January 27, 2022

Over the past twenty years, working on the consulting side of the fitness equation has allowed me to view a magnificent evolution of CRM solution needs in the fitness space, both in the gym and studio markets.

Anyone reading this knows that adopting a CRM-driven playbook into your Member Management System’s ecosystem is key and critical to long-standing business success when it comes to both sales and retention: solutions adopted by top operators now hinge around automating the touches during the complete customer lifecycle. This is often called “high-tech” execution and SMS messaging is the cornerstone to this success.

However, maintaining both the “high touch” customer needs with the “high-tech” execution in this process seems more challenging than ever with staff shortages and turnover during these current conditions.

Here are a few ideas on possible solutions that may help some operators in overcoming this dilemma:

1. In order to help engage your key staff into this equation, make it easy for them. Your CRM should automatically display the daily tasks for contacting prospects and members right on a staff-persons home CRM dashboard. Your system will track these actions automatically for measuring key sales KPI’s.

2. When staff is short or becoming inconsistent, it can be very economical to outsource these managed CRM “touch” services to outside expert staffing. MMS Solutions like Aurora, offer Managed CRM services. In essence, reduce your payroll costs to have an expert Account Manager handle these tasks for your business. Typically, pay is driven by success. These models have exploded across the industry lately.

Whatever you think might work for your business, here is to a Happy and Healthy 2022! If you have any questions, comments or want to see what ClubReady CRM or Managed Sales Services could do for you, get a business consultation.