May 2023 Newsletter – Official Kickoff to Summer

Abby Rossi
May 31, 2023

Let the fun begin! With the end of another school year, summer is upon us, and it’s the official kickoff to summer, which is always an interesting season for the fitness industry. With the nice weather outside, people want to spend more time outdoors doing workouts, hiking, or general outdoor activities. However, while summer usually boosts physical activity, as a gym owner or manager, even a personal trainer at a gym, it can mean fewer clients coming to the gym to work out. So, it’s the perfect time to look at the data and think about more ways to entice members back during the summer.

This newsletter will provide important educational updates on monitoring and managing your past-due customers, information about Scheduling Reimagined, and our rebuilt mobile app for iKizmet. In addition, provide you with available education and training times, status updates, and more.

Customer Spotlight

Turning a Lifelong Passion into a Multi-Unit Fitness Business

Hear from our customer spotlight, Jordan Meinster, the CEO of PickUp Fitness USA Franchise Company. He built his fitness business from the ground up to provide the industry of pickup basketball with structure and stability.

I’ve always played pickup basketball. I never played organized, on teams, or in high school or college. I would go to local parks, gyms, or rec centers and join any running games,” Jordan says. Many frustrations came with him playing pickup games versus structured, organized basketball games; the courts were typically crowded and dirty, and there needed to be a structure to filter people in and out of games. So, Jordan had an idea to “create a business where it’s pickup basketball, and you can still show up whenever you want, but it’s more organized.”

– Jordan Meinster, CEO, Pickup Fitness USA

Team Member Spotlight

Nacho Siordia, Senior Customer Experience Specialist

Resident of: Solvang, CA

Time at ClubReady: 2 years in June

Family: I live with my partner and three cats, two of them are three years old, and the other is a 16-year-old that showed up at our door, and we took her in.

What I Am Currently Binge-watching: “Beef” on Netflix, followed by the last season of “The Walking Dead.”

Most Recent Accomplishment: After years of thinking about signing up for a ceramics class I finally did it and built my very first bowl by hand.

Why I Enjoy Working at ClubReady: The studio owners that I speak with are the best. I love being part helping them with the opening of their dream studio. It’s gratifying knowing that I am helping someone who will help thousands of their customers with their passion for fitness.

Favorite Quote/Words to Live By:
When you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.Bansky

May Educational Updates

Monitor and Manage Your Past Due Customers

Learn how you can view which customers have been defaulting on their payments, following up and helping prevent future collections.

Refer to these articles to learn more.

Make sure to b
ookmark our
Help Center to locate available resources.

Product Updates


Our latest Scheduling Reimagined release creates a more customizable experience and saves you clicks. New features include:

  • Color customization allows clubs to select virtually any color to display for classes or services.
  • A monthly view for a comprehensive snapshot of the entire month.
  • An “Add Client” button from within the class roster. You can now book a prospect directly into a class without adding them first.

Check out these new features by clicking the video below.


We have rebuilt our mobile app! The backend coding will make it easier to update going forward. While the desktop version will always be more robust than the native mobile app this rebuild allows us to display certain metrics in the mobile app that we were not able to do before.

This app is included in your current iKizmet subscription. Using the same credentials as the desktop version to gain access.

In addition, iKizmet has updated some metrics on a few My Dashboard page modules.

We are now including Forecasted Revenue in the Total Revenue module. This allows a user to see what their forecasted end-of-month total revenue to be.

Scheduled Cancellations will now be shown in the Membership Units module. This data point is looking forward 60 days to see who is scheduled to cancel their agreement.

On the Membership Revenue module, we have replaced Average Revenue per Unit with Average Membership Revenue. The metric will show unique members instead of all transactions. If a member has multiple membership transactions in the month, they will only be included in the calculation once.

Be on the lookout for some more updates in June!

Looking to add a solution to your current toolbox? Book a meeting with Allison on the ClubReady team.

ClubReady Status Updates

What’s going on?! Don’t wait and wonder, subscribe to our System Status Update to get real-time updates of any system issues and expected timing for resolutions. You’ll save time by not reaching out to support and can stay focused on helping your team! You can receive these message updates through email, RSS, or webhook.  

It’s Time to Celebrate!

We are excited to celebrate all the new accounts that were added in the last month.