Pulling Connections Together with ClubReady Connect 

Devin Meister
January 31, 2024
Parkland Row House gets connected with ClubReady Connect

When Georgia Kyroglou set out to open her first franchise business, the Parkland, FL Row House, she knew that keeping communications personalized and in order would be critical to success. That’s why she was happy with her choice of ClubReady Connect for communications and the way it tied back into her ClubReady Management System.  In an era where no one answers an unknown number on their cellphone, being able to send personalized SMS messages – and keeping track of what messages have been sent – is critical. Later connecting that number with a real person at the studio is invaluable to starting that relationship. The following are some points from a conversation about her experience with ClubReady Connect.

What’s your impression of ClubReady Connect?

Georgia: I just really liked the capability of being able to individually work the leads but then also have the function for sending out a mass text if we needed to let everybody know when we’re opening or things that were happening in the studio. That was really helpful and saved time and do it all at once. It’s great because so many people just don’t pick up the phone, you get so many more answers if you text them.

How has it helped you build connections with members?

Georgia: In this industry just starting out people don’t know who you are. They haven’t put a real face to it. They see it as a big business and they don’t know that there’s a real person behind it. And like I said, people don’t answer the phone, because they think it’s an advertisement. If I text them and then I’m the same person they see at the studio, they’re like, ‘oh, you’re real.’ That builds their connection with us. Even for our members, if they need something or have questions, it’s great that they can just text us. It’s efficient. They don’t have to call and wait to talk to the right person.

How has ClubReady Connect saved you hours in your day?

Georgia: I really like the templates and pre-built campaigns. That saves me time, for example when people come take their first free class. Of course we’re going to call them if they don’t buy at that time. But having the system capability to go through and pick out the missed sales for the last few days is invaluable. If we didn’t get anybody on the phone, we can send out a pre-designed template. I really do like that. And then being able to mark them as hot so that I don’t have to sort through all the texts in the system or try to keep track of post-it notes figuring out who we email, text, or call. It’s all in there. I can just refer back to our system records.

What would you tell club owners about the benefits of working with ClubReady Connect?

Georgia: I find it super-efficient. It’s very personal – I like that I can send emojis. I also have to say, anytime I’ve had a question, I’ve been able to get an answer right away. If I don’t know how something works or I need help or hey, can you help my team get up to speed on this is, it’s been really nice to have somebody who understands the system to be able to say, ‘let me sit with ’em for a few minutes, no worries.’ They set up a half-hour call and get them up to speed.

I also like that the notes from the text are saved in the profile. I can say to anybody working, ‘Hey, before you call them, check the notes section’ and they can see everything. Not just calls, but you can see the text. That’s really helpful so that they know what the last communication was and where everything stands.

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