Punch and Move with Fitness Mobile App 

Devin Meister
December 27, 2023
Title Boxing Club engages members and staff with mobile app.

TITLE Boxing Club Empowers Franchisees and Engages Members with myFitApp

Fitness advocates and junkies have always been on the forefront of technology. From apps that track our progress to plans for healthy eating and lifestyle tips, digital solutions are everywhere – and we love them. That’s why it’s important that studios and boutiques have a mobile app that enables their franchisees to connect with members and stay consistent with their overall brand. It’s exactly what TITLE Boxing Club found with myFitApp and ClubReady.

TITLE Boxing Club, the go-to brand for many of today’s top combat sports athletes, have franchisees in over 150 locations. With their new app, TITLE Boxing Club members have ready access to everything they need to stay motivated and reach their goals. But not only is the user experience excellent for members, but staff are also able to easily manage the App’s content and design.

“We’re delighted to have our brand-new app up and running with myFitApp and ClubReady,” said Todd Wadler, CEO, TITLE Boxing Club. “After a successful launch with our franchisees, members can now book a bag, access a whole host of workouts with TITLE On-Demand, refer their friends, know the class programming to expect in class through our focus of the week, access our challenges and so much more.”

The benefits of the app for the company in managing their overall business are extremely important to their operations. “The member dashboard, showing how many classes a user has attended increases motivation and will lead to rewards,” says Wadler. “The app is branded, customizable and flexible making it super easy for us to manage.”

Why Your Fitness Business Needs a Mobile App

Here are just three reasons every fitness business needs a mobile app. (Read more about each point and three others here.)

  1. People expect more. They want more flexibility and convenience, choice and variety. Mobile apps deliver that.
  2. People want support at home and in the gym in their preferred channel – mobile. The right mobile app can help your members training in the studio or anywhere get more out of their workouts, and stay motivated.
  3. Nutrition and wellness is more important than ever. And as a result, they’re more likely to seek support from a professional – let that be you!


We’re living in a world where people expect more from their memberships, and it’s your job to make sure that they get it. The rise of digital fitness has been huge in recent years, and this will only keep growing. Like TITLE Boxing Club, make sure you stay ahead of the curve and give your members what they want and need.