Punch Your To-Do List to the Curb — Start Ensuring Brand Consistency

Abby Rossi
October 5, 2023

RockBox is a boxing and kickboxing fitness franchise that helps members build muscles, build confidence, and build self-esteem. According to the RockBox website, boxing is one of the most effective exercises to tone muscles, boost cardiovascular health, improve core strength and stability, increase stamina, and burn fat.

To build their network of over 60 boxing and kickboxing studios, they needed the software that would help them grow. It was time for them to start scaling their business and provide brand uniformity to all of their new franchises.

It was important to Roger Martin, the CEO + Co-Founder of RockBox, to have uniformity in his reporting, billing, and overall task management, so members would receive the same experience no matter their location. This would also allow him and his business partner to track multi-location success via those same reports.

In 2019, Martin and his RockBox team started using ClubReady across the 15 stores operating at the time. By the time those locations were fully migrated, they had over 25 studios utilizing ClubReady. Currently, they have over 60 studios across the nation.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

“We’ve built out the entire system, so when the next door opens, it automatically is pre-populated in their CRM that every prospect coming in is assigned a lead type. We usually push anywhere from 200 to 300 tasks per day. Once you get your lead list built up, you never run out of tasks to do,” says Martin.

When they open and start setting up a new Rockbox franchise, everything is auto populated for lead management and lead nurture. There is no learning curve because everything is provided for you. They only need to make it happen as the franchise owner!

“They have every drip campaign needed auto synced into the system, so a new owner just needs to follow the playbook. That’s what we want to do as best we can as a franchisor is create an ability for a franchisee to just focus on the execution. When you do that, you have a much stronger network,” says Martin.

Starting with prepopulated workflows in the CRM allows each franchisee to start contacting prospective members on day one, but thankfully, it doesn’t stop there. Rockbox stays in contact with their members throughout their entire lifetime to upsell them, communicate deals, celebrations, and even to check in on those they have not seen in a while and that’s when those automations come in.

Building A Community

A task management tool was what Martin felt RockBox needed. It would provide them with the ability to build a community and not just a place to work out. ClubReady’s software allowed them to set automatic reminders for text messages, emails, phone calls, and even handwritten letters using the automations tools within their CRM. Prior to using ClubReady, they were trying to remember to do all of these things on their own, so when they found the correct solution for them, it really changed the game.

Now, within their ClubReady CRM, text messages and emails are prebuilt with what to write, so each staff member across all franchises can copy and paste the same messages. This makes the task so much faster and easier for them to complete. It provides the franchise with the ability to focus on the members that are in the studio for their workout.

For the phone calls and the handwritten letters, they are provided with what to say through a message reminder. Consistency with the messages shared across every franchise is very important and this allows them to make that happen even over the phone. Martin wants to ensure that people who attend RockBox workouts can relate to the staff, as well as the other members whether it is their first time being there, or their one hundredth time. If a member can walk into their RockBox location and say, “Thank you for the birthday card!” It provides meaningful interactions versus the staff never noticing or acknowledging them.

Start Today

RockBox has set their franchises up for success by building out their task management tool. They developed these processes overtime to provide their franchisees with brand consistency and confidence, but it doesn’t have to take multiple franchises and a time of brand inconsistency for you to make these types of changes. ClubReady will set up the necessary automations you need to start providing brand consistency at your studios with pre-built emails, text messages, and more!

Let’s start today.