Six Ways To Keep You and Your Members Working Towards Your Goals

While the shift to work remotely is a transition for some, for those of us in the fitness business, where success is built on interpersonal interactions, relationships, and individual results, it can feel like an insurmountable wall. You’ve worked hard to get your now dedicated members motivated, in the door, coming back, and being part of their lives. That need hasn’t changed. Pushing members to meet their goals with the current restrictions might seem impossible … but don’t we look for the “impossible” challenge? And your members count on you for some semblance of normalcy. Here are ways you can continue to engage your members and help them achieve their goals and yours! It’s in every one’s best interest!

1. Streaming Video

Use video to stream live video classes or record classes your members can take. Send text reminders about live video streaming classes or reminders about recorded classes members can take- users can use BCC group texting, scheduled texting or send a one-off text. Provide URL links in these messages to the live streaming link or recorded video.


2. Offer Nutrition Programs

Don’t forget about the whole-person approach. Just because you’re limited in how you provide the “sweat” needs of your members doesn’t mean you can’t meet the nutritional education that many members are craving while cooped up indoors. Nutrition classes and one-on-one nutrition coaching can supplement that “sweat revenue”. Diet really does improve health outcomes.


3. Promote Gift Card Purchases

Your studio has a steady flow of potential gift card purchasers every day. Be sure to open that income generator by offering gift cards online and at your front desk. Customers shopping with gift cards are also less price-sensitive. In fact, 72% of gift card recipients spend about 38% higher than the face value of their cards.


4. Stay Connected Through Regular SMS Communications

Send a BCC Group Text to remind members to get active outside or any other important message to keep your community engaged. Send picture messages of trainer stretching or working out to keep their members feel connected to the studio and gym staff. Utilize templates to engage members. Below are two different options: 

Template for Clubs that are still open: You might be wondering just how committed we are to a safe, hygienic experience for each of our clients. Our members have loved the fact that our clubs are super clean for years. We didn't just start keeping it clean for our clients as a result of COVID-19 but we are taking our sanitizing practices to the next level. 

Template for Clubs that are closed: Hi [First Name], we are temporarily closing for the safety of our members. During this time, [Insert Studio Name] is providing online workouts within your Member Portal to keep our [Insert Studio Name] Family in shape. Please click the following link and login for a workout with our virtual trainers [Insert Link]


5. Rent Out Small Equipment to Members (Dumbbells, Kettlebells, etc).

Many studios, like Crossfit gyms, are currently renting equipment, with stipulations associated with the cleaning, maintenance, and return of the equipment once the gym reopens.


6. Leverage Social Media

Consider running social sharing contests, for example  keyword campaigns. Studios and gyms are promoting keywords on their social channels like Instagram and promoting “text the word STREAM to learn about upcoming live class” and the member will receive a link to access classes they can stream live. This is also a great time to build your online studio community. Your members joined your studio to achieve fitness goals with a community of like minded, fitness-forward friends. Provide them the platform and opportunity to connect with each other and share fitness best practices during this time.


The Light Ahead

We know this won’t last forever, but we don't know what the other side looks like. That’s why it’s imperative that you continue to engage your members regularly. Listen and understand where they are and where they’re going will help ensure that you are part of whatever does lay on the other side. 


A Safe, Smart, and Strong Return to Fitness

The ClubReady CORE solution suite empowers your fitness businesses to deliver peace of mind to members and staff at the studio and at home. CORE provides ten different components that enable you and your team to implement safe class practices, expand business opportunities, scale operations, and utilize smart communications and payment processes to build your fitness business. Download an infographic to learn more.