Q1 2024 Newsletter – Unlock Our Tips & Tricks

Abby Rossi
February 28, 2024

iKizmet Webinar – Insights Leaders Use to Grow and Scale

Just like your body, keeping your business healthy and performing optimally takes a variety of information. For example, you need instant feedback on your pulse and cadence to maximize your individual workout. Over time, you need to view your activities collectively, analyze results, and formulate a plan to reach future goals. That’s what the industry leaders do and what the best analytic platforms provide.

Watch our webinar, Insights Leaders Use to Grow and Scale, to discover what they look at and move forward. See how they:

  • Instantly LASER view in to see what’s working – and what’s not
  • Monitor their Daily Pulse to see progress toward their plan
  • Pick out Utilization Trends for frequency and locations
  • Identify Staff Activity to see who is active, selling, and closing

The Path to Fitness Franchising

While franchising has some advantages over corporate owned models, it’s not for everyone. It takes planning and a specific mindset to want to and be able to bring others along with you in your journey.

One such person is Jim Donnelly, Restore Hyper Wellness Co-Founder and CEO. The company brought in 150 locations before adding in investment. At The Summit by BFS, ClubReady VP of Sales, Chris Gallo interviewed Mr. Donnelly about some of his decisions and perspective on franchising over other models.

Upcoming Education for ClubReady Connect

Are you a studio owner or studio staff member who wants to engage with your customers conveniently and effectively through SMS & MMS? Join Jacqueline Armstrong, our Customer Education Manager, to learn about:

  • Managing templates
  • Campaigns & conversations
  • Texting and task management capabilities through Work It

Keep Your System Fresh with These Product Updates


Referrals and Revenue by Referrals: Using the data from the ClubReady profiles, the two new modules will allow the user to dive deeper into where their clients are coming from and how much they spend. The Referrals module will show you how many while the Revenue by Referrals module will show you how much revenue each referral has brought into your business.

Membership Length: If you want to see the average length a member will stay with you this is the module for you. Based on agreement data, there is a filter to sort by active or former members as well as revenue category. We will also be creating another module based on Membership Type in ClubReady.

The Brand Leaderboard module will give the store the ability to see how they stack up to the rest of the network. It also gives corporate users a quick way to see how the stores are ranked in eight key categories.

Use Real-Time Customer Survey Results to Drive Engagement and Make Better Decisions

Custom surveys provide studio owners with a cost-effective way to drive engagement. By collecting and responding to suggestions, praises, and even sometimes complaints, studio owners can build a solid foundation with their members to achieve success!

Epifany, a survey tool integrated with ClubReady, will help you create custom surveys, get real-time results, develop data driven insights, and make better decisions specifically for your fitness business.

Your Dedicated Lead Management Team Is Ready

What if you had a team solely dedicated to lead management and agents focused on efficient prospect outreach even after you open?

ClubReady Concierge Services is ready for you to achieve success with ClubReady’s proven workflows and methodologies.

“It was insane, I mean we were doing well before, but we just did phenomenal after we brought in ClubReady. There was no way we could have done that on our own.”

Jana Rivers, Multi-Studio Owner, Current User of ClubReady Concierge Services