Q2 2024 Newsletter – Prepare for the Summer Season

Abby Rossi
May 22, 2024

Turning New Guests into Lifelong Members

“Your people are your greatest asset” isn’t a cliche, it’s true!

Discover the power of employee-driven growth in the competitive fitness industry. Join ClubReady and our partner, Edge, to learn steps and strategies to empower your staff to help build your business.

  • Learn strategies to attract new guests through positive online presence and word-of-mouth recommendations.
  • Explore techniques to create memorable “wow” moments during a guest’s first experience at your studio.
  • Understand the importance of gathering direct feedback and leveraging it to enhance the guest experience.
  • Discover how to motivate and incentivize your team to consistently deliver exceptional service.

4 Difference-Makers for Fitness Franchises

What do you want to achieve with your fitness business? Knowing the answer and framing the plan with specificity is critical to achieving your goals. When businesses fail or are forced to take a step back, it’s often because they didn’t consider some inevitability. With the fire and passion of fitness entrepreneurs, that’s a common mistake. Everyone is ready to go yesterday! But consider this piece of advice: “The best time to explore is before you scale your investments, your commitments and the size of the team.”

Ready for the Summer? Get Prepared with These Essential Topics!

As we gear up for the sunny days ahead, it’s time to ensure that your fitness business is set for the season.

Prepare yourself with the knowledge to tackle chargebacks effectively.

Proceed to learn how to track your billing, invoicing, and payment processing with our report.

Continue by boosting your sales with Factor4 gift cards.

Learn how to manage membership freezes if someone travels or has summer vacations.

Finally, don’t forget to setup your studio with the right equipment.

Make sure to bookmark our Help Center to locate available resources.

Your Dedicated Lead Management Team Is Ready

What if you had a team solely dedicated to lead management and agents focused on efficient prospect outreach even after you open?

ClubReady Concierge Services is ready for you to achieve success with ClubReady’s proven workflows and methodologies.

“It was insane, I mean we were doing well before, but we just did phenomenal after we brought in ClubReady. There was no way we could have done that on our own.”

Jana Rivers, Multi-Studio Owner, Current User of ClubReady Concierge Services