Q3 2023 Newsletter – Cultivating Member Loyalty

Abby Rossi
August 23, 2023

Yes — you read that correctly, quarterly newsletters! We have officially updated our newsletter distribution to 4 times a year, but don’t worry — throughout the year, we will keep in touch with you through email updates, social media, and, of course, the customer success team. These newsletters will be providing you with customer spotlights, educational updates, and updated product information.

This quarter we are sharing our newest solution CR Connect, featuring our latest customer story with Pickup Fitness USA, providing you access to our most recent webinar, How Iron Tribe Boosts Member Loyalty, and providing you with the most recent updates related to iKizmet.

Customer Spotlight

Turning A Lifelong Passion into A Multi-Unit Fitness Business

Jordan Meinster is the CEO of PickUp Fitness USA Franchise Company. He built his fitness business from the ground up to provide the industry of pickup basketball with structure and stability.

Jordan Meinster has always had a passion for pickup basketball. “I’ve always played pickup basketball. I never really played organized or on teams or in high school or college. I would go to local parks or gyms or rec centers and join any games that were running,” Jordan says. There were many frustrations that came with him playing pickup games versus structured, organized basketball games; the courts were typically crowded and dirty and there was usually no structure to filter people in and out of games. So, Jordan had an idea to “create a business where it’s pickup basketball and you can still show up whenever you want, but it’s more organized.”

Multimedia Messaging to Grow Your Fitness Business

Introducing ClubReady Connect

ClubReady Connect empowers you to engage with your customers conveniently and effectively through SMS and MMS, your members’ preferred methods of communication. It’s ideal for boutique studios, gyms, and clubs of all types.

You can:

  • Expand Your Reach
  • Increase Engagement
  • Communicate Effectively & Efficiently
  • Improve Response Rates
  • Automate Messaging & Integrate with ClubReady CORE

How Iron Tribe Boosts Member Loyalty

Learn from us and the team from 360 and Jen Groban, Area Manager at Iron Tribe Fitness, as she shares the tips, tricks, and best practices Iron Tribe employs to boost member loyalty and drive business growth across each location. You’ll finish with actionable takeaways around connecting with members that you can put to work in your own clubs or studios!

Team Member Spotlight

Graham Pettet, Client Experience Specialist

Resident of: St Louis, MO

Time at ClubReady: 6 years

Family: Just me and my extended family of parents, brother, and sister.

Fitness Hobbies: Hiking, kayaking, rustic/bush-craft camping, taking walks, stretching and resistance training

What I Am Currently Binge-watching: WWE, Naked and Afraid

Most Recent Accomplishment: Finally making time and hitting the road (and railways) to see great cities on my to-visit list such as San Antonio, New Orleans, Charleston, and Boston! Also proud of incorporating band exercises into my fitness routine.

Why I Enjoy Working at ClubReady: I love engaging with and supporting customers, both corporate teams and franchisee and studio partners. Building strong customer relationships is a passion of mine. I enjoy learning a great deal about new styles of large franchise management.

Favorite Quote/Words to Live By: “We’re not helpless… That which we have put between us we can remove.” — Henry Fonda, playing the President of the United States, in the movie “Fail Safe”

“The goal is to improve yourself.” — Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Start Trek

Quarter 3 Educational Updates

Freezing in the summer?

With customers leaving for summer vacations or taking extended breaks, learn how to use ClubReady to freeze their memberships and put a hold on their reoccurring drafts.

Refer to these articles to learn more.

Make sure to b
ookmark our
Help Center to locate available resources.

Product Updates


Do you want to know the average number of visits by your entire client base? How about the difference in average visits from your various membership options? Or even how often your 10-class packs visit your business each month. The updated Average Visits per Client module in iKizmet allows you to filter by the different revenue categories to see the difference. It also allows you to compare, via a trend line different packages or categories.

The updated module can still be found on the Attendance page, third module down.

iKizmet will now give you access to your Check-Ins data. This module will match the report already in ClubReady but with some visuals and a deeper dive into the hours of those check-ins. Ask your SAM/CES or iKizmet support if you would like to turn on this new page.

Looking to add a solution to your current toolbox? Book a meeting with Allison on the ClubReady team.

ClubReady Status Updates

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