Reach Your Fitness Business Goals

ClubReady Fitness
January 30, 2019

Are you ready to IGNITE the full potential of your fitness business? ClubReady will help you build your fitness business for the future starting right now!

With one integrated solution designed to ensure you are set-up for success, you’ll increase your pace of recruitment, focus on your core business, and strengthen member engagement. Here are just five ways ClubReady will help you reach your goals.

5. Lead Management

Keep GROWING with ClubReady’s lead management system. With all of your leads seamlessly integrated in one place, you’ll be able to quickly and accurately manage the entire customer lifecycle from the first contact to conversion. You can track every touch through the prospect profile area, easily send emails, deploy text messages, and assign staff to follow-up making sure that nothing slips through the cracks! It puts the power of instant communication to your entire network – individually or in groups – at the tip of your fingers.

4. Automated Communication

Leverage the power of ClubReady’s automation to add extra MUSCLE to your personal messaging, saving time and money. Follow-up cadences have been fine-tuned and preset to deliver the perfect messaging for you. “We have actually reduced the workload of our admin staff by 50-75% due to the automation. Now we can use our team members to do other things we were paying outside people to do,” Jason Woolard.

3. Fully-Managed Billing

PUMP up your draft with ClubReady’s fully-managed billing and make billing a breeze with convenient solutions included as part of your package! Now you can focus on your members and core business instead of reconciling hundreds of drafts each month. Simply review our easy-to-read semi-weekly remit report. If your draft is not successful on the first attempt, no worries. We’ll also update credit card information as your members get new account numbers and reach expiration dates for participating banks.  And don’t worry about returns and chargebacks either – we’ll tackle those for you too!  All of these great services plus we’re PCI compliant, ensuring that your members’ information is safe.

2. Best Practices for Processes

One big advantage of joining with a leader is being able to leverage the collective learning of all of the other peers using ClubReady. That knowledge and experience ensures that you start out aligned with best practices and that you stay that way. No more guessing about the best set-up for your software and systems for success.

1. Single Platform Efficiency

One software, ALL of the solutions you need to run a HEALTHY business: that’s our goal at ClubReady. Being able to operate and access all of your critical business functions from one platform streamlines your days and ensures that you’re operating with the same accurate information and data across the board. From lead management to customer connection, full-service billing to past due communication, performance metrics display to mobile app, and administrative help (payroll, accounting, HR), ClubReady is your one-stop-shop for fitness business success!

And getting started is easy: all you have to do is raise your hand – or finger – and click here.

What about support?!

Good question, read what other gym owners and managers had to say about current ClubReady support:

Are You a Self-Starter?

Take the first step with our Fitness Owner’s Success Kit. In this kit, the first in a series of four, you’ll get an in-depth look—including worksheets and checklists—to help you run your sales, marketing, retention, and billing with little more than a push of a button after putting the right strategy and software in place.