Row House to Optimize Boutique Fitness Studio Member Experience

Devin Meister
June 12, 2019

ST LOUIS, June 12, 2019 – ​​ClubReady announced today that Row House will be joining as their newest client, to optimize the boutique fitness studio member experience.

Row House is a brand under the Xponential Fitness umbrella of brands promising to ‘maximize results, minimize time.’ Implementing ClubReady’s performance monitoring solution, Performance IQ, Row House can deliver on that promise by strengthening the member experience with interactive performance data and power training and tracking.

Row House is also introducing ClubReady’s full suite solution to manage club operations, front desk and kiosk management, member acquisition, and member engagement. Using ClubReady’s Performance IQ API, Row House can also create a gateway between their website and member-facing app and ClubReady club management solutions.

“Performance IQ is a highly engaging software solution that leads the industry in providing a complete fitness tracking solution,” said Darol Lain, President, ClubReady. “Performance IQ integration with the ClubReady Fitness Management Platform will provide Row House a full membership management and engagement experience to help attract, retain and better serve their members.”

The integration and standardization of club management and performance management technology will create uniformity across all Row House franchises. Built once, every club will run the same playbook, resulting in a successfully scalable franchise model.

“We’re excited to work with ClubReady as they continue to pioneer the concept of technology and services for the boutique fitness industry so we can continue to grow the Row House brand by attracting, retaining, and serving our members nationwide,” said Anthony Geisler, CEO of Row House.

These solutions have been influenced through the work of Xponential brands including Club Pilates and Pure Barre. Additionally, Row House began piloting the performance feedback solution in early 2018. They will implement a similar model across the franchise to enhance the member experience, improve operations, and run a strong and aggressive sales protocol.

Row House is excited to continue their success using performance monitoring solutions to drive member engagement, CRM solutions and lead management to grow the business, and evolve processes and culture to take Row House to the next level.

ClubReady is the leading provider of full-suite studio fitness and wellness club management software and services. Founded in 2009, ClubReady has been committed to building the studio fitness business of the future. The ClubReady Fitness Management Platform provides clients a full membership management and engagement experience to attract, retain and better serve their members. ClubReady’s Performance IQ enhances this platform with fitness tracking software that delivers high quality, real-time, individual and group fitness results leading to higher member engagement, retention and loyalty. ClubReady’s GYM HQ supports the mission by providing bundled club services, like client contract managers, customer service agents, payroll, accounting, and operations support.

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