Spinning Their Way to Success — Twisted Cycle’s Experience with ClubReady

Abby Rossi
August 11, 2023

Twisted Cycle is an indoor cycling, strength training, and HIIT studio currently with locations across Atlanta, Georgia and Alabama They decided to switch to PerformanceIQ and ClubReady after learning that the benefits of ClubReady outweigh those of their old software.

Why did you decide to partner with ClubReady — what problem were you looking to solve; or what solution were you looking to incorporate?

When I started looking into ClubReady, I wanted to switch to PerformanceIQ from the current software I was using. On my initial call, we discussed the benefits of using ClubReady and PIQ in tandem versus using PIQ with a different main software. During this discussion, we also focused on ClubReady’s automation chain and the abilities it has compared to our current automation tool.

As a business owner, we’re always trying to capture the attention of our customers and our leads. The most important question to me is how many ways can we get in front of our members/leads to bring value and highlight our business? I also liked the ability to assign tasks to my staff. I have a saying inside my company, “Move the needle!” Meaning, there is some way for us to improve in some area of the business. Every. Single. Day. By assigning tasks it allows me to keep my staff accountable and ‘move the needle’.

How has ClubReady benefited your club and your members?

When we made the switch, we were able to get a better app (PIQ app). This gave our members a much better, personalized experience. The ability to assign tasks and make them complete has made a huge difference for us.

How would you describe ClubReady’s customer support?

Amazing. From day one, our reps have been responsive and have worked very closely with us to come up with solutions to problems.

Why should other club operators consider working with ClubReady?

The support team has been amazing. If you have an understanding of automation and how an automation chain can benefit your business, then ClubReady makes perfect sense.


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