Start Strong and Get Continuously Stronger

Devin Meister
June 23, 2022

Discover the best in fitness technology and profitably grow your business to your ultimate goals, whatever stage you’re in right now.

From start-up to scale-up to enterprise-level growth, whatever your business stage, Clubessential Holdings fitness technology and services create the foundation you need for success and profitability. With unmatched global experience and breadth of offerings, our solutions are made by and for fitness business owners with an unwavering focus on delivering an exceptional experience.

With 9,150 fitness businesses, over 350 employees, 13 million members, 10 million app downloads, and used in over 17 countries, the Clubessential Holdings Fitness technology and services has everything you need to build your business.

Discover the best in fitness technology and profitably grow your business. Download an infographic to see what’s right for you.

The Family of Technology Solutions


The leading full-suite provider in-studio fitness and wellness club management, ClubReady is designed to scale your business from the start.

“I love ClubReady. It’s turned into my lifeline for everything. The software is amazing. The reporting tools have helped me a lot just as a business owner, looking at it from a different lens than maybe my GM does.”  – Irina Kapetanakis, Club Owner, Rumble Boxing


The world’s most strategic fitness companies rely on Exerp for the foundation of their business, including 40% of the biggest operators in Europe.

“Exerp brings an advantage in reducing TCO given the operational efficiencies they deliver, coupled with the fact they do not add on transaction fees within their license cost model.” – Jeff Zwiefel, Executive VP and COO, LifeTime


A pioneer in mobile marketing, myFitApp is an open, flexible, independent, and digital marketing platform for the fitness industry.

“The App is simple to use, and effective. The @home solution is an invaluable tool to help us stay connected to our members. We don’t know how a club could operate without the features offered by myFitApp!” – Kevin Doyle, Club Manager, Westpark Fitness

TAC | The Assistant Company

TAC Software provides the spa, fitness, and thermal bath industries with membership, and access control software to enhance member experiences and streamline operations.

“We have been working with TAC for more than 10 years and we still believe that we have chosen the right program and the right company. The reporting of this system is sensationally detailed and enables both the highest quality for the guest and maximum competence in controlling.” – Marc Traubel, Hubertus Alpine Lodge & Spa

Clubessential Holdings LLC – Creating Cutting-edge, Category-defining Businesses

With a global mission across eight brands – Clubessential, ClubReady, Exerp, foreUP, Innovatise, PrestoSports, TAC, and Vermont Systems – Clubessential Holdings offers forward-thinking technology and services which help more than 10,000 customers attract, engage, and retain members and fans for life.

Which solution is right for you? Find out in this infographic.