Steps to Upgrading Your MMS Services 

Devin Meister
July 27, 2023
Migrate your MMS to ClubReady Connect

Texting is the most reliable form of communication with members in many situations. It’s fast, convenient, and the easiest channel to execute. If you’re considering utilizing a texting platform to enhance your business operations, make sure you consider the following – and look no further than ClubReady Connect! (You can get a demo here.) By migrating over and onboarding to ClubReady Connect, you’ll have all of the following items covered:

  • Use your existing studio number! You’ve spent time and resources building familiarity and your brand with members. You don’t want to jerk the rug out from that unnecessarily.
  • Pricing is competitive. While having a solution might be seen as the “cost of doing business,” it shouldn’t break the business. Do they have the features, plans, and options that meet both your needs and budget.
  • Training and support are provided. If you can’t use and operate the solution, everything listed above really doesn’t matter. Make sure they have experience and the resources to ensure your success.

With all of those questions answered there is still one thing to understand about migrating MMS services. While sending text messages is quick, the process of changing providers is not. There is an in-depth onboarding process that requires time and validation. By completing this, it ensures that messages sent, aren’t listed as spam, and protects consumers from unsolicited messages. Working with the customer and the carriers, this can take up to 4 weeks for approval. Listed below is the step-by-step process and timeline that ClubReady will use to onboard customers to ClubReady Connect.

  1. Sign JotForm & LOA by agreed upon date.
  2. Compliance and account provisioning started – Up to 4 weeks
  3. Receive port date/time (time dependent on carrier/customer response)
  4. Onboard to ClubReady Connect for set up and training – 2-5 days
  5. Go Live/start messaging – next business day after the day of port
  6. First payment runs on go-live date

These are critical steps necessary for the success of your business and investment. Registering your business and the types of messaging you plan to send ensures your ability to reach clients and prospects without being flagged or rejected by carriers. Planning ahead also enables you to avoid last-minute bottlenecks with onboarding or any other issues. Watch a video overview of what you can expect.

To learn more or get started with your migration, contact a ClubReady expert today.