Supporting Franchise Growth

Devin Meister
June 5, 2024
Fast growing franchises like Stretch Zone grow with ClubReady.

“We’ll figure it out when we get there.” That’s the mindset of many entrepreneurs. And yes, sometimes you have to figure it out for yourself. However, starting with the end in mind and picking road-tested tools to achieve those goals is far more direct and painless path to success. That’s what Keith Trawick, Chief Information Officer for Stretch Zone has found with ClubReady. Following is a republished version of an interview with Keith conducted by ClubSolutions in spring of 2024.

Why did you originally decide to partner with ClubReady? What problem were you looking to solve?

Trawick: Two main things. One, their management leadership team understood the needs of our company and were willing to support us and our mission. And two, the feature functionality was the best fit for our organization.

How would you say collaborating with Club Ready has enhanced your operations?

Trawick: I think the biggest thing is the ability to use their Lead Speak tool, which is really a customer journey automation tool. It’s been transformative for our business. I think ClubReady’s ability to manage sessions and provide corporate insight into production and security and fraud prevention is imperative. These are all things that they’ve focused on and specialize in and it’s really helped us grow our brand.

What’s your staff’s favorite part of working with ClubReady?

Trawick: One of the most impactful is the user interface is very intuitive. Because we are a retail business that is focused on customer service, we do have some turnover in the way our front desk and management teams operate. So, it has been significantly easier to train them in this tool versus other tools and that means a lot.

How would you describe ClubReady’s customer service?

Trawick: Their leadership team is excellent and incredibly responsive.

Why should other club owners consider working with ClubReady?

Trawick: ClubReady provides an exceptional value. Their focus on customer service and supporting franchises and larger organizations has enabled us to do the things we’re doing and grow our brand. We have a tremendous relationship with them, and we look forward to growing together.

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