The Epicenter of Fitness Business Events: IHRSA 2022

Abby Rossi
July 5, 2022

ClubReady rocked IHRSA in Miami Beach, Florida this past week. Between discussing the features of ClubReady, showing the capabilities of Performance IQ, and the explanations of iKizmet, our new partnership with myFitApp knocked it out of the park and we are very excited to be working with them.

And it was great to be back together and in force. “Nothing can replicate the energy on display at an IHRSA trade-show floor.” said Chris Gallo, Vice President of Sales, ClubReady.  “In Miami 2022, even after the harsh challenges of the last few years, the positive vibes were palpable as this industry, led by IHRSA, is relentless in all of our pursuits for success.”

If you were unable to experience the energy of IHRSA 2022 firsthand, here is a recap of what ClubReady featured at the show.

Scale Your Operation

The ClubReady CORE solution has ten different components that enable you and your team to expand business, utilize smart communications, scale your operations and more. Click the link below to read more about how the CORE solution can impact your staff and members inside and outside the studio.

Allow Members to Visually Hit Their Goals

Interactive performance data and power training. Need we say more? Performance IQ (PIQ) allows your members to visually watch their data during their group fitness class. It can be branded for your club and your members while they are on spin bikes and rowers. Performance IQ provides your members and staff with the ability to watch each member visibility hit their goals.

Real-Time Data Visualizations

Where does your business stand? Are you making smart business decisions? If you’re unsure of both of those questions, iKizmet can help you. iKizmet provides you with real-time data visualizations of your key performance indicators to let you know where your fitness business stands. With its automated dashboard to stay up-to-date on attendance, membership, revenue, and marketing, you can focus your time on your members.

Members On The Go

Our newest enhanced integration. The myFitApp capabilities will allow ClubReady customers to build a customized app with the features and flexibility you need. The customized app will allow you to do booking and event scheduling, content marketing, utilize and build a live-stream video platform, and much more.

Overall, the excitement at IHRSA was unbeatable. “From meeting new potential customers, to re-connecting in person with existing clientele; thanks for giving us this platform IHRSA Team” said Chris Gallo, Vice President of Sales, ClubReady. “Looking forward to the IHRSA epicenter for events, San Diego 2023!” 

Are you interested in diving deeper and would like to have a demonstration of a particular product? The ClubReady team would be happy to meet with you. Click the button below to get in contact with a team member.