The LifeBlood of Your Sales Cycle

Abby Rossi
April 29, 2024

What is the lifeblood of your sales funnel? It should be LASER.

LASER is your way to see a quick visualization of how well your sales cycle is going. The data provided is already within iKizmet, so you don’t have to do anything other than get to the LASER tab.


Do you have enough leads? Is your marketing budget being used to its full capacity to produce the leads that you need? Where are your leads coming from?


Did they book a class? Was some type of payment given?


Did they show up to class? Have they walked into your studio and attended their booked class?


How many of your leads purchased a qualifying service? Was a membership or package purchased?


But can’t I already see this in my ClubReady Reports?

Yes, you can. iKizmet takes all your data from ClubReady and provides visuals and conversion numbers. That’s why LASER is so helpful when looking at quick numbers day to day. It breaks down the data, so you can easily show your team members where the business is doing well and where they need more support within the sales cycle.