Use Your Resources + Increase Your Retention Rates

Abby Rossi
June 7, 2024

Written by Abby Rossi + Dr. B team

Don’t let the cost of a membership decrease your retention rates.

We’ve partnered with Dr. B, a telehealth provider, that can help qualifying members unlock pre-tax dollars (through their HSA or FSA) for the cost of attending classes to treat or prevent a medical condition.

How does partnering with Dr. B help my studio?

The benefits available to qualifying members can lead to higher spending and improved retention rates for your studio, at no cost to you.

Qualifying members may get up to the entire cost of their membership reimbursed.

Because no income tax is paid on the money put into an HSA or FSA, the savings come from what they would have paid in income tax. When all is said and done, most people end up saving 20-40% off their membership by using those tax-free funds.

What is an HSA or FSA account?

HSA and FSA accounts are two kinds of tax-advantaged savings accounts. HSA accounts are available to people with a high-deductible health insurance plan. FSA accounts can be offered by employers as a benefit program.

With both, people can deposit part of their income into the account. They won’t pay income tax on money they use from that account. The funds can be used to pay for qualified medical expenses—making them essentially income tax-free.

How can members use their HSA/FSA to attend your studio?

FSA and HSA withdrawal rules specify what can be bought with FSA/HSA funds.

Most people use their HSA/FSA money to pay for health care insurance premiums, urgent care bills, doctor copays and prescription medications. Funds can also be used for over-the-counter medications, rapid tests and masks, mobility tools and more.

If someone exercises to prevent or treat a range of medical conditions, related fees like gym memberships, classes and personal training costs can become HSA/FSA eligible, too!

But for a person to pay for those things from their HSA/FSA account, a doctor or other licensed provider needs to write them a Letter of Medical Necessity detailing how exercise treats their specific medical condition, justifying the related costs as medically necessary.

What if I or my members have additional questions?

Members can contact Dr. B’s support team for additional questions here.

They can also get more information on HSAs, FSAs, and Letters of Medical Necessity through this resource article.

Who is Dr. B?

Dr. B offers affordable telehealth with the same care and quality you’d get from your favorite family doctor—without the waiting room. Patients can get $15 online consultations for a wide variety of conditions and send prescriptions to the pharmacy of their choice. They can also help provide qualifying patients with the Letter of Medical Necessity required for HSA/FSA fitness reimbursements.